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  1. Sheik7

    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    Maybe characters :) not sure is it real, but if it`s real. i`m pretty happy
  2. Sheik7

    are you going for next gen because MKX ?

    Hello MK friends. Im just wondering in witch console people here are going to play Mortal Kombat X. I just sold mu ps3 one month ago and waiting until april to buy PS4. Doing it because MKX. I Dont play other games and PS3 i bought also because mortal kombat 9. Are u going to upgrade your...
  3. Sheik7

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    just me.........................
  4. Sheik7

    Who is here and in what rank PS3 ?

    I know very well that this there is no matter in what position you are in ranked or player matched online. I wanna know this because most players who have been from beginning there are most likely in top100 cause they have played so mutch. I dont know those new users.... bit its nice to see some...
  5. Sheik7

    funny video (MK At the Movies)

    Pretty cool episode and NEW :) older
  6. Sheik7

    Baltic Beatdown 2012

    Hi guys.... just hoping that maybe some people from here can come also to this tournament. Who are not far from Estonia. i but information here. There is MK9 also... i dont know how many MK players there will be... but i am :D and hopefuly more are coming...
  7. Sheik7

    What move you hate most ?

    Hi Im just curious witch move is the most hated for you or who`s?
  8. Sheik7

    weird Babality

    I had just 4 minutes ago intresting thing. I was playng online...i had cyrax and opponent was with sub zero...and retro costume. and i did Babality to him........but it was smoke in retro costume but Babality was subz :) have it happened to somebody before ?
  9. Sheik7

    How many hours you play ?

    I`m just curious.How how much time you spend to MK. How much days in a week you play and hours ? I think i play maybe 2 much....after work i go buy some food and from Monday to Friday i play every evening and night.someday 1-2 hours but most of the time 4-5 hours.But what can i do.I'm stuck on it.
  10. Sheik7

    Random character select

    Just wondering how many of you use this when select character?...or how many times your opponent have used? I usually use this when i play in ranked and i see that opponent cant be so strong.Good way to practise other characters.Ofcourse you cant never know and your opponent can beat you very...
  11. Sheik7

    What we do for living ?

    Hi there i was just wondering what kind of people are playng Mortal Kombat and what they do for living :) Who wants to share it ...can share it :) I work as graphic designer and i have my own commercial company :) After MK9 game out...i have played allmost every night.... and my girlfriend is...
  12. Sheik7

    How many players are in MK9 psn ?

    I was just wondering that how many there are people playng MK9 in psn ? how many people are in leaderboards... 15000 or more ? just curious. Best Regards