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  1. orbofuncreation

    Worst fatalities!

    Mine are (in no order): Sindel: the one in which she forces that purple energy ball in your mouth and then your head explodes; Raiden #2: it makes no sense AT ALL; Ermac #2: original, but weak; Johnny Cage #2: c'mon...
  2. orbofuncreation

    So everyone is playing MK9 overseas???

    I'm trying to stay away from spoilers and stuff so I haven't been on this forum for the last couple of days, but it seems everyone has the game in the US. Here in Italy very few have it already, but those are import copies from the UK. Is there someone who still didn't get the game, except for...
  3. orbofuncreation

    Mortal kombat 9 concept artworks + new stage??? Scroll down and you'll see either a new stage or a Krypt concept artwork, enjoy!
  4. orbofuncreation

    Leaks: Alternate Costumes (Mileena so far) Don't know if it's real or not...
  5. orbofuncreation

    Leaks: Stage/Arena Photos

    Here we go: Apparently, all the arenas have leaked as well, this just never ends... - Image Above Added by TRMK Staff
  6. orbofuncreation

    Blood toned down???

    Finally I've got the chance to play the demo at a friend's house and I have noticed there's not so much blood flying around; for example, when performing uppercuts part of the blood actually vanishes in the air, so I'm asking if that's the way blood will be displayed in the final version. I...
  7. orbofuncreation

    Crazy theory about Johnny Cage!

    First of all, I didn't read Johnny Cage's ending or any other character, so my theory is based upon his bio, here it is: So after reading the highlighted part, what if he turns out being ????