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    playing as jax?

    ok this is the way that i see it. i think that there are some charecters in deception that are simply not playable ever such as blaze, reiko, morlac and so forth and so on. however i think that there are some charecters that are most deffinently playable such as jax, and kung lao because these...
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    2 jades in edinia glitch?

    has anyone noticed that after you do the rain/jade mission in edinia that she is then standing over the body of rain at the mouth of the entrance to the tent she was in earlier, but in my game currently she is also back in the tent and she tells me to find rain just like before she is in 2...
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    does reptile ever actually talk to you

    i know this is only my second post but i assure you i did search for the answer to this topic before starting a new one! in outworld all reptile ever says is leave me be i know the whole dragon king thing but i dont want to play dragon king dam@#$ i want to play reptile lol