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  1. Supreme MK Warrior

    X-Play on G4 6:30 PM all this week: All-Access Pax East 2011

    Not sure if they will have anything on MK 2011 today, but they just showed the show floor with the huge MK Logo above the WB/NRS booth!! Im sure they will have a preview of the game sometime this week (or at least they BETTER have a preview) is almost here, more month!! Edit...
  2. Supreme MK Warrior

    Curiosity question about Courtyard Stage

    After watching the new LK video, and remembering the Courtyard Stage as one of my favorites (since it was the first stage I ever saw when I played MK1 for the very first time) ... I was wondering if anybody knows why are all of those Shaolin Monks there on Shang Tsung's Island watching the...
  3. Supreme MK Warrior

    MK Vignette = Kharacter Bios??

    Do you guys think that the MK vignettes NRS has been releasing to the fans are in fact the Kharacter Bios for each fighter? They certainly fit the mold as a re-telling of each fighters history, complete with their adversaries. I have personality loved each one so far and think they would make...