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  1. The Marshall

    Please tell me the krypt monster is gone...

    I'm too scared to go in if he's back..
  2. The Marshall

    You guys ready to face scorpion 90% of the time??

    Awww yeaaaa Get ready for random teleports and Spears all over the place. If your not facing scorpion the other 10% will be Sub & Ermac Hopefully PC won't be as bad...
  3. The Marshall

    Predict the highest & lowest tier rankings

    Based on what we've seen so far... (Yea I know it's not that much but let's just predict for the fun of it) My guess A tier: Kenshi, Sub Zero, Takeda D tier: Ferrah/torr, Cassie, Johnny Cage
  4. The Marshall

    I wish they'd bring back the GOAT MK character of all time

    What are the chances that Motaro makes a DLC appearance?? I feel like the only person who loved Motaro
  5. The Marshall

    Boring bland character

    Why did they even put her in?
  6. The Marshall

    Am I the only one who doesn't like any of the new characters??

    D'vorah - ew Taneka (or whatever his name is) - Liu Kang Jr. Ferra/torr - meh Kotal Khan - Orge from tekken rip off Cassie Cage - basic Starbucks and yoga pants white girl Jaqi- Generic black girl Erron Black - Clint Eastwood Stryker No new characters excite me at all And I'll doubt...
  7. The Marshall

    Predict the Most/Least popular characters players will use online.

    Most Popular: Scorpion and Ermac will be 60% of what we encounter online Least Popular: D'vorah - not many people will be intrested in "bug lady" Cassie & Jaqi - too vanilla and boring looking
  8. The Marshall

    How much music is on your phone/mp3 player and how much of it is legal?

    I have around 1,000 songs/100 albums of that, I bought only 2 albums.... so 98% of my music is pirated..... take that music industry!
  9. The Marshall

    Things you did in Middle school/Junior High...

    Alright I know, I jacked this from twitter. What are some things you and your friends use to do in middle school? For me, every-time our class got off for lunch, all us guys used to go the bathroom and pretend we were all in the WWE. It looked like a royal rumble in the boys bathroom...
  10. The Marshall

    TRMK Counter Strike XBL team?

    Anyone interested in playing together in the "New" counter strike they just put in the Marketplace? It'd be cool for us all to play
  11. The Marshall

    The older you get the less music you listen to?

    Ok i've noticed something, I completely out of touch with new music (well mainstream) as I get older I've never listened to a Frank Ocean, J cole, or Future song in my life. I just found out who new direction was about 2 months ago... When i was younger I knew all the new music coming out...
  12. The Marshall

    Last thing you purchased

    Try to post up pics of the stuff if u can Bought me some of this stuff on amazon I'm making gains, but I need to get rid of this last bit of belly fat.... It says it also suppresses hunger, so i hope that works too
  13. The Marshall

    TRMK Survey: What Operating System do you run?

    Curious about this as well I still use XP, I don't see any benefits to upgrading to Windows 7
  14. The Marshall

    TRMK Survey: What device do you use primarily to browse the internet?

    Just curious on what folks are using. Myself: Pc (Tower & Monitor)
  15. The Marshall

    Metal Gear 5 Announced (Sort of)

    Kojima confirmed that there will be a MGS5 In my opinion Metal Gear is the Greatest Video game franchise in history (MGS1 & MGS4 are my two favorite games ever) But, I think they should of just left...
  16. The Marshall

    Badass Baselines

    Badass Basslines Post some of your favorite baselines Some of mine: IMO the most underrated baseline ever: I love the base leading up to 1:26 whatever mod decided that u can't embed more than 3 videos...
  17. The Marshall

    Controversial Things you believe in

    For me here's my list: 1. 9/11 was an inside job 2. Religion is just something humans created to feel better about death. 3. I would love a nation-wide ban on all firearms 4. I believe sexual preference isn't black and white, but rather shades of gray 5. If you text while driving you...
  18. The Marshall

    Rate the last Movie you saw.

    It's simple Just watched a movie? Come in here and give your rating (1-10 scale) I just finished watching Reservoir Dogs It's a movie i've been wanting to see since the longest, and now that i have netflix i did just that. I give it a 7/10, not as good as I expected it to be, but still a...
  19. The Marshall

    I feel out of touch with rap music today

    Well i'm 22 going on 23.. and i couldn't tell you who tyler the creator, wale, meek millz, J.Cole or all those other guys are... I feel out of touch with my black community... Anyone feel the same way?