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    The Last of Us

    Naughty Dog,the company that created Jak and Daxter,has released a preview for a zombie game featuring two survivors named Joel and Ellie in the middle of an apocalypse.The preview is kick ass!You can go to to see the Last of Us news on the home page.It looks like a...
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    Sub-Zero and the Lost Ice Caverns

    -CHAPTER 1-Bared by Ice Deep in the Ice Caverns of a lost realm a treasure is hidden,it is the ultimate ice power.The Lin Kuei have sent many warriors into the caverns.Even the best warriors have never come back to the temple. "Why have none of warriors come back yet!"cried the Lin...
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    My poems

    As I feel the breeze, I watch as it moves the trees, Wind is a great power, I watch as it bows plants and flowers,
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    My Character Ideas

    O-Zone Place of birth:Chaosrealm description:a black and white ninja that controls time and space bio:He has been planning to destroy the realms but was kicked out of the mk1 tourment because he tried to kill Shao Kahn. He was going to kill the deadly allience but Blaze found and destroyed...
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    Mortal Kombat:Resurrection

    Chapter 1:The Truce Sub-Zero was training in the forest near the Lin Kuei Temple. All was quiet. The an Oni came out of nowhere and attacked Sub-Zero. Scorpion appeared. Another Oni came and attacked Scorpion. Sub-Zero soon froze and killed the Oni. Scorpion shot his spear at the Oni. "GET OVER...
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    The sun(ryming poem)

    As the sun shines in my window, The day starts to glow, I love the sun's rays, And I love summer days, The sun is a day star in the sky, When the sun comes up I fell like I can fly, The sun is a crystal!A fiery flame, I think I can hear it calling my name...
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    The Beach(a non-ryming poem)

    The Beach By David Livingston Hawkins III The crash of waves on the shore like leaves in fall, Sand in my toes like snow in my shoes in winter, Peaceful breeze on a warm summer day, The smell of ice cream is like the smell of flowers on a spring day, I love the beach, The sound of...
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    Mortal Kombat:The Real Story

    Chapter 1 Sub-Zero and Scorpion Sub-Zero was having a dream about a group of ninjas attacking him.Then he realized he was not dreaming. "Stand back! I'm warning you!"said Sub-Zero. One of the ninjas tried to stab him. He froze the ninja. "He is a cryromancer!"said a ninja. What is a...
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    Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas

    This is one of my fav GTAs!
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    The Story of Daegon

    pt.1 is on mortal kombat revisited forum The story of Daegon pt2the temple "Now your Quest must begin!"said Caro.Caro opened a portal.It sent Daegon to a forest."Where am i?"asked Daegon.An indian came from a bush"You are in earthrealm!I am Nightwolf.If you help me hunt an escaped oni I will...
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    Jak and Daxter series

    This is a great adventure game series!Starring jak and his faithal companion daxter.
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    Raze and Raze 2 flash

    An awesome flash game!The aliens,graphics,weapons,and mission are the best.
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    impale baraka

    How do you impale baraka in mksm for ps2.I cant figure out how!