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  1. Glamador

    Move Me, Warm Me, Reprimand Me, Welcome Me, Be Jealous of Me

    Yes, this thread is just to brag, be happy, and say I'M BACK *****ES. Gods it was hard to stay away. But worth it, no spoilers for me!
  2. Glamador

    VGCats MK Comic

    Has anyone seen this? I haven't noticed any threads about it. It so perfectly illustrates the concept with absolutely no dialogue. I laughed so hard I cried.
  3. Glamador

    MK Designs that Never Were Kotaku posted this re-imagining of the classic MK designs earlier today. They were created by a former Midway employee who pitched the idea but it never came to fruition. I like the designs, but not the re-imagined plot points...
  4. Glamador

    Batman: Arkham Asylum Appreciation Thread

    Superb. Incredible. Fabulous. Verbose expression of wonderment and awe. This is my Game of the Year right here. I can't see anything topping it for me. Now, God of War might, but that's 2010. I know a bunch of us here at TRMK were greatly looking forward to B:AA, as were most other...
  5. Glamador

    Baby Shaking Persecution

    Today Kotaku posts this article about a baby-shaking app. for the Apple iPhone: Now, while the application was quickly removed I see need to question if this decision is ethical or necessary. After all, free speech and...
  6. Glamador

    Midway's Coming Bankruptcy

    Yep, Midway has 50 days to pay it's outstanding debts (in excess of $150 million) or it goes bankrupt. My question is, how does this affect the next Mortal Kombat game? Do you think it will be bought out by somebody? Of course, if that happens MK might fall out of the hands of Ed Boon and...
  7. Glamador

    Scorpion Leading in the Polls

    So I notice Scorpion is leading in today's character battle poll (as of 10 AM US Eastern time) and I'm thinking "hey, maybe MK isn't faltering in popularity as much as I thought it had". Then I started thinking, "wait, did MK ever falter in popularity?" And I realized that besides...
  8. Glamador

    Soul Calibur IV

    It's finally here! I know some of you here don't like 3D fighters, but I adore Soul Calibur. Is there anybody else here with an XBL account and plan to get the game? I'd love to play some of you. I plan to practice a lot, hopefully put up a fight. My main characters are Nightmare...
  9. Glamador

    POLL: This is what the Joker should always look like -OR- This render is simply the best one yet. One of my 2 "must have" characters is in...
  10. Glamador

    I Feel Betrayed

    I know I'm one of this game's most steadfast advocates and defenders. But I can't help but be dissapointed by the gameplay I saw on GT TV last night. Ed Boon promised us something completely new. The same way MKDA was a complete restart for the series. What do we get instead? The same...
  11. Glamador

    Shameless Advertisement Yep, that's what it is. I thought this was awesome, wanted to share it with you guys.
  12. Glamador

    Marvel = Better Superheroes but DC = Better Villains

    I've been doing some thinking about whether I like Marvel or DC comics more than each other. And I've come to the conclusion, that I really don't like too many superheroes or villains in Marvel. I love Spider-Man, he's my favorite superhero, period. And I like the symbiotes, they're my...
  13. Glamador

    Bizarro (And others) - An Edit by Glamador

    Well here we are. Another edit by me. This time a request from the Midway boards (which apparently love my other works more than I would have expected). The request was simple, turn the Superman render into Bizarro. So I slaved away and it is now completed. It was hell making his face look...
  14. Glamador

    Batman in Black

    Here's a mockup of what a black MKvDC Batman would look like. My friend thought the grey looked bad and wanted a more Batman Begins look. So I obliged: It's nothing special, but it still looks kickass none-the-less.
  15. Glamador

    Another One of my Color Swaps - Ermac

    Here it is, the latest in my line of ninjas turned other ninjas. I saw the new Sub-Zero render and immediately thought "I can make that Ermac" so I did. Here's the finished product: And here's an alternate verison for those who want it to be more "mystical": And for those of you who want...
  16. Glamador

    MK vs. DCU can have good finishers without blood My friend heard that Marvel Nemesis had crappy finishing moves and sent me a video. I found that I completely disagreed. I like these finishers quite a bit. In fact, Elektra (i think that's her anyway) seems to have the exact same...
  17. Glamador

    Another Scorpion Turned Smoke + My New Signature

    Well with the release of the new Scorpion render I thought it might be time for me to get a new forum signature. After all I've had this one for a few years now. Some of you oldy goldies might remember I made a photoshop of Smoke from a render of MKA Scorpion. I thought I'd renew that work...
  18. Glamador

    Interview on Crispy Gamer I don't know when this came out but I'm just reading it now and I didn't see it linked elsewhere. It offers a little bit of new insight into what Boon's thinking. Nothing major, they're really putting up a wall in terms of...
  19. Glamador

    My New Brawl "Smash Card"

    Well, I'm going to make several since I like several characters. Characters like Ganondorf, Wolf, Lucario, and Charizard/Lizardon. Soooo there will probably be 3 more of these. But I liked the Wolf screenshot the best so I started with him. Check it out: Anyhoo, I'd like to add him to my...
  20. Glamador

    Devil May Cry 4 is Awesomesauce

    I'm currently playing Devil May Cry 4 and I must say I REALLY like it. It's fun, it's polished, and even though it's "more of the same" it's that same-ness that makes it so inviting. Plus once you get over the fact that Nero steals the show from Dante, you realize that he's a really good...