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  1. NerdyJordy

    For those without the Arrow skin sign-up for WB's newsletter and get it free. Boom!
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    Arkham City Skins Pack now available for Xbox

    240 Microsoft Points or 2.99 for PS3 users later today after 5pm EST.
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    Ame Comi Skins Pack in bound

    via TYM Anyone else peeved Hawkgirl isn't in this pack over yet another busted Wonder Woman? Edit: Gameplay Video!
  4. NerdyJordy

    DLC Round-Up for May 21

    New DLC character: Batgirl - 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99 New DLC Skins: Luchador Bane (Free with Batgirl purchase, Season Pass download of Batgirl, or downloading Compatibility Pack #2 - free of charge) The Killing Joke Skins Pack (Featuring 3 new skins for the Joker: Tourist, Final...
  5. NerdyJordy

    Best Injustice Tweet Evar?

    ........... Owned?
  6. NerdyJordy

    Have you completed S.T.A.R labs yet?

    No? Yes? Final thoughts? Discuss. I personally find them to be a testament to one's sanity. Beyond grueling whether you take short or long breaks away from them. I got roughly 15 missions left to completion. Dem missile challenges ("Rocket Rocket" and "What You Get") tho... ...Sweet Jesus...
  7. NerdyJordy

    Martian Manhunter not happening as DLC? (C2E2 interview with Ed Boon) (start at 3:09, guys and girls) Ed Boon on Martian Manhunter being cut from the original cast: Now, make of it what you will but I don't think what Boon said here sounded to good for Manhunter fans.
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    Roughly 100 character skins to be offered with compatibility packs I think it's safe to say we'll be getting more New 52's. Hopefully they tackle the rosters Blackest Night possibilities, Kingdom Come would be awesome. And flesh...
  9. NerdyJordy

    How to fix Zombie Mode bug

    I've seen a few people asking about this and why it's not showing up in your settings then I found a solution... 1. Delete both the title update and the Zombie Mode DLC from your system 2. Re-download/ Install Zombie Mode first 3. Launch the game and reinstall the recent/ first update Boom...
  10. NerdyJordy

    Atn comic nerds: What character replaces Doomsday in the Fortress of Solitude?

    Found this while pitting Doomsday against Regime Doomsday, at first I wanted to say it's a Flashpoint Doomsday alt. but doesn't look like it. Sorry in advance for the picture uploading horizontally
  11. NerdyJordy

    Best Clashes and "Clash" System Discussion

    I figure a topic hasn't been opened up about this yet so why not? and add a few of the character-specific clash moments you can have in game. Batman: Bane Insurgency Batman Catwoman Harley Quinn The Joker Lex Luthor Nightwing Regime Nightwing [Forewarning: Should not be attempted before...
  12. NerdyJordy

    Lobo showing up on downloadable content for Xbox

    Probably old news by now, but he's RIGHT THERE! His release date can't be too far off huh? I hope he has some good skins along with him. Also now wondering if the rest of the content has already been submitted too.
  13. NerdyJordy

    If three's a charm...

    If three's a charm, ie; skins being bundled as three - Red Son, Arkham City, and Flashpoint, what other skins would you guys want to see as the 12 skins released over the 4 DLC patches. For me: Blackest Night Pack Aquaman Hawkgirl Superman New 52 Pack #2 Black Adam Green Arrow The Joker...
  14. NerdyJordy

    Could somebody with the Xbox 360 version settle this for me?

    Does the Xbox 360 version support 3D under the options menu as well or was the 3D developed strictly for the PS3 as another exclusive?
  15. NerdyJordy

    Do matches held in rooms count as ranked matches for trophies and achievements?

    Just wondering because selecting "Ranked Match" takes forever to find an opponent.
  16. NerdyJordy

    Anyone want to cheap the "There Can Be Only One" trophy and earn some quick RP?

    Anyone want to cheap the "There Can Be Only One" trophy? Using the Sans Power Code 044-440, of course to make it fly by. Message me on here or on PSN under the same user name NerdyJordy.
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    Where did the story fumble for you?

    I know a lot of people do like the reboot but there's some who weren't so hot about it, what didn't flow right for you? - Quan Chi: blatantly being there throught the whole story in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance garb and all was just odd. Sure, have him there but subtly and in the MK4 get up...
  18. NerdyJordy

    3D Users: How is Mortal Kombat in Stereoscopic 3D?

    The Good? The Bad? The Ugly? Discuss. Tell us non-3D owners how it is and should we make the switch and be checking this out.
  19. NerdyJordy

    Are Mileena's sais underutilized?

    In UMK3, the three female assassins/ ninjas were pretty level in that they all had close-range combos with their weapons but Mileena seems like she was shorted in the reboot and her gameplay with them kind of takes me back to MK: Gold when the sais were just an accessory to her (and likewise for...