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    Are you willing to pay for more costumes?

    I was just curious to find out from other members if there willing to pay for more costumes as Dlc in the game? I for one say yea I know it's kinda stupid and I hate how capcom does it but at the same time it's nice to have the option, like Reptile yeah his alternate is way better but I know a...
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    KE strategy guide on amazon for $20.21

    Awesome deal you guys should jump on it before they sell out I would but all my money went to my kollectors edition of game. $20.21
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    Portal Kombat!!

    Alright so I know a lot of people are talking about they want portal 2 but can't buy it cause of MK, me personally I was never a portal fan both for those of you who want botho games but don't wanna spen a minimum of 120.00 on two games I saw a promotional deal From toys r us where if you buy...