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  1. LurkDog

    Mortal kombat at comic con?

    Is there going to be any MK booths or anything like that? I want to figure out which days I'm gonna go
  2. LurkDog

    ermacs damage scaling doesnt make any sense

    A single force push does 11% dmg. But if you teleport then force push in the same combo it only does 10%. I understand that it evens out the game but common, that doesnt make any sense that he does less damage with a whole other special attack added to the force push! At least make the tele...
  3. LurkDog

    Superman spam help

    I keep getting owned by dudes who do raidens superman all day. I need some tips on ways to beat them. Do I just need better reactions? I block dash the whole game which helps a little but that's no fun to have to seriously be blocking all game bc the second I don't they will hit me with a...
  4. LurkDog

    Ever had an MK dream?

    I had one and it was the coolest dream ever! I was like 8 or 9 when I had it and in my dream I walked to a bar down the street in the middle of the night to a bar. When I got there it was a huge MK tournament on an arcade cabinet, it was one of the first three games. It came to be my turn and I...
  5. LurkDog

    Do arcade controllers really help?

    I havent been able to get used to the d-pad I totally suck with it. I do pretty well with the joystick and I don't see how that is any different than the sticks on arcade controllers? Are they just for nostalgia or do they help make you better?