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  1. Knearspoe

    Anyone else counting down the remaining days left in anticipation?

    21 more days until Mortal Kombat X. :hail:
  2. Knearspoe

    Variation Styles = The answer to nerfing Noobsaibot?

    I think when Noobsaibot gets announced (You can bet they'll bring him back) the variation styles will definitely split his shadow attacks to nerf him down, because his specials were ridiculously cheap in MK9. His teleport grab will definitely be in its own category away from his shadow...
  3. Knearspoe

    X-Rays on PS3 has noticeable slow downs, but Xbox doesn't

    After playing both versions of MK on both systems, I've noticed the PS3 version slows down whenever an XRay is performed most of the time, I thought at first it was part of the effect, but then after seeing the Xbox version (especially Noob's Xray) it was smoother everytime and never slowed down...
  4. Knearspoe

    Best thing about today other than MK @ midnight...

    is the fact that my crazed obsession over this game will finally end. Days of being unable to hardly get a good nights rest, days of being unable to concentrate during work, and the days of coming to this site every 5 minutes over and over again. The wait has been long and tedious, but today...
  5. Knearspoe

    Just how does the custom music feature work?

    So you have a CD full of songs that you're going to use for MK9. But how do you do it? Is there an option in MK9 that allows you to pick the songs from the CD and use it for a background level? Or do you have to manually press the dashboard button and play the songs from the CD after you burn...
  6. Knearspoe

    Finally had my first dream of MK9.

    You know when you're really hardcore into a game when you start dreaming about it before it comes out. I was expecting to dream about MK at some point before its release and it happened last night. So the dream was that I was at my friends house, the time was 11:37 PM on the 18th of April, I...
  7. Knearspoe

    PS3 Custom track feature

    Will you be using your own custom music during gameplay? I know the music for MK has always been epic, from the character select screen of MK3 to that twisted but hilarious Ying Yang Island music from Deception just to name a few. But I know that there are going to be a few tracks that just...
  8. Knearspoe

    Who will be your first VICTIM in training mode?

    This is assuming you are going to training mode first when you get the game, and you are allowed to choose who you want to infinitely pummel into a bloody mess, who will it be? Mines will be Nightwolf.
  9. Knearspoe

    What is your roster of kharacters going to look like?

    As of now, I am planning to play as the following kharacters in the game: Now, I am not saying that I will master all of the above, but I will have at least 3 of them as my main kharacters, while the rest I will be just a bit above average with. So what is your roster going to be? Be...
  10. Knearspoe

    Is it April yet?

    My patience grows thin, March needs to hurry up an be over with. I've been in torture through this whole month waiting for April to arrive. I wish I had Scorpion's spear and drag 4-19-11 over here TODAY. Urghh!!!
  11. Knearspoe

    Have you been following MK9 since its debut trailer 9 months ago?

    When that trailer first appeared showcasing the first actual 2D gameplay of this game, me and my friend got a little overexcited considering we've both grew up playing MK since 1992. During these last few months that had more kharacter reveals and more gameplay features that would turn anyone...