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  1. Smokez

    One thing that ticked me off in story mode.....Spoilers

    So during sindels attack the guys who "die" dont actually get shown dieing during sindels rampage she just punches/kicks the mk last the only people you actually see die are: *note*:these are only people who die during sindels attack smoke (neck snapped) Nightwolf & sindel (heavenly light thing...
  2. Smokez

    Why cant people wait?

    Ok so Ive seen guys selling classic costumes for like 20$ especially in the code trading thread the code trading thread has turned into freaking ebay everyones selling codes for around 20$ why would any retard buy that when they could just wait about a month (im guessin) to buy them for like...
  3. Smokez


    Ok so I have the classic scorpion and I have been doing toasty all the time and I still can't get Dan Forden to pop after like in mk 2 (I think lol) so How do I get forded to pop after the toasty fatality like in mk 2?
  4. Smokez


    So am I the only one that would like mk10 to be in 2d again? I know I know it's not gonna be but wouldn't it be cool if it was? Just a thought.....
  5. Smokez

    So I was thinking about story (story mode spoilers)

    And the way most the characters are "dead" I don't think that they actually get killed the only people you see actually die is smoke and Kung Lao (i can never spell it lol) and Idk about nightwolf everyone else just gets either punched by sindel or just disappears (sindel, nightwolf, shao Kahn)...
  6. Smokez

    Is it just me (ps3 guys only!)

    I just finished arcade with kratos and wow he is REALLY overpowered he's combos do A HELL OF ALOT more damage i actually quite like him but wow to powerfull NRS!
  7. Smokez

    Friendly matches thread

    I don't know if this has been made or not but I thought it would be a good idea post your psn/gamertag and meet other guys/girls for online sparring my psn: winner729 Like I said if its a dumb idea then sorry :/
  8. Smokez

    Question About Klassic Ermac

    Hey does ermac have a classic fatality aswell as a klassic costume if so what is it?i just wanna know cos im pre-ordered the ke from game (uk)
  9. Smokez

    i found a guy on youtube!

    hes putin up arcade ladder challenge tower and more!
  10. Smokez

    New klassic scorpion vid sorry if its old and YES I USED THE SEARCH BUTTON!
  11. Smokez


    hi so as we all know there will be a gameplay stream of the mk legacy kast playing mk 9 so what time will it be on in the uk?
  12. Smokez


    Does anyone know what his fatalitys will be ?
  13. Smokez

    Question on game

    Ok so I preordered the ke from game and I wanna know how reliable the posting is I mean will I get it a day early at day late or on time so I basically wanna know is game lazy with posting it
  14. Smokez

    favourite mk ever?

    just wonderin what yalls is mine is definetly mk 3 because it was the best 2d game i think personally
  15. Smokez

    Whats your favourite kharcter look and fatality so far?

    can only pick 1 of each and must lay it out like this kharacter: why: fatality: why: heres mine.... kharacter: Ermac why: he looks badass with his new attire fatality: cyrax net why: VERY gruesome first time i saw it i was like cyrax u mad bro? xD whats yours?
  16. Smokez

    Mk9 tournement and kollectors editon question.....

    Sorry guys this is my first post i joined yesterday and i didnt know where to post this but the is there only 20,000 of the kollectors or tournement edition? thanks guys please awnser