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  1. Jan Yoshi Kadoun

    TREMOR - Black Dragon urban ninja concept

    Some people say we have enough ninjas. Do not believe them :)
  2. Jan Yoshi Kadoun

    BUGS and things to be fixed (non-character)

    There are still some annoying features to be dealt with. Can be found in other topics, but not in one place. Character balance and troublesome online are not the only problems. 1) Player2 does not see Fatality, Stage Fatality and Babality listed in the menu. Even if they are properly unlocked...
  3. Jan Yoshi Kadoun

    Funny Fakes

    I was searching for some "graphics" and I have found these. Some of them might be posted already but let's consider this thread the place for funny attempts to deceive. I am not author of these, I can not credit authors by name so credits to community... :hail:
  4. Jan Yoshi Kadoun

    Movelist Fatalities bug?

    Does anyone experiencing this? I play on PS3 and even if I have all Fatalities (+Stage, +Baba, +Retro Reptile) unlocked, sometimes there is only first default Fatality listed and others seem locked. When game is rebooted, they are usually corectly listed, but another fighter may be in this...
  5. Jan Yoshi Kadoun

    Motaro screenshot *SPOILER*

    Maybe this was already posted. It is the intro, flashbacks when Raiden sends message to his former self (being beaten by Shao Kahn) It is just a render... but who knows... :)