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  1. Cryo

    Curious to know, who else wants to see Rain as a playable fighter?

    If you ever do it for whatever reason, this pic it's a bit cooler. He's looking sideways all badass... This costume is really growing on me, I like it better now except for the bare chest, that's just lazy and generic.
  2. Cryo

    [SPOILER] Everything about story mode. Pics, videos, discussion, etc.

    Like the titles says, I make this thread so everything that is getting leaked by people who got early copies of the game is posted and discussed here so spoiler senstive members stop whining about it. Some stuff we know by now: - Shinnok is the unlockable character. You get him by completing...
  3. Cryo

    Live Stream - March 13th, 3PM CST *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*

    Link: Click me!
  4. Cryo

    Who's this ninja?

    This is from the MKX mobile trailer. Is it Smoke? Looks like it, I doubt it though.
  5. Cryo

    MKX Story Trailer (CST 8:00 02/27)

    Let's make a thread to talk about it. What are you expecting? Here's the link to Boon's tweet. Thanks to Bllake for facilitating me the link.
  6. Cryo

    Sub-Zero's moveset

    I hope you can help me with this, I haven't been able to spot a screen of his moveset, in the last streams where the hosts quitted the fight we would be able to see the characters moveset, i don't know if this happened with Sub-Zero, if it did please link me to a video or where this happens...
  7. Cryo

    Roster Speculation

    So this is what happened a few years ago when designers and developers gathered at a brainstorming meeting: - So guys what character can we create now? What sort of powers? - What about a lady with light powers. - Neat... her name should be Ashrah, because whatevs... - That's great, so.. if she...
  8. Cryo

    Kotal Kahn: To Be or Not to Be

    Perhaps his race came to the Earthrrealm at some point during the pre-columbian era and they gave the aztecs knowledge and technology, reason why they were admired by them as gods. Or maybe I just watch too much History Channel lmao.
  9. Cryo

    Characters and their factions

    So people (including myself) have been speculating about the unrevealed characters and about the factions already revealed but I have never seen anyone relating those two things and saying something about Lin Kuei having only one character so far (Sub-Zero) and well I'm too tired to think about...