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    Sub-Zero Theory

    Hey there, long time no see. Anyway I'm here to explain how there is a new sub-zero when both of the ones we know have kicked the bucket, well it goes like this: 1) MK9 in the Kabal chapter you fight cyber subzero and we get to see him skan Kabal in an attempt to identify him. 2) In this...

    Roster Speculation

    Guys don't fall for the master troll Ed Boon the character slots are just random placeholders, just see for yourself and if you don't believe me compare them.

    You know you're old when..

    You remember songs like this You remember that one kid in the neighborhood who had a console. You played House of the dead 2 in the arcades. Just some examples, now your turn! BTW 500th post :D

    MK Movie contest! :O

    Gather round people of TRMK, some of you might remember me winning a code for the a MK movie on PSN a month ago, well I'm giving you a chance to win it :O All you have to do is make me the most awesome avatar or signature. -code will only work with US citizens -I contacted Jade and got a OK...

    RDR vs GTA IV

    I prefer RDR, bought it a few days ago and to me it's miles better than GTA couldn't even get into that one.

    What's your nickname?

    What were you called back in school or right now? I used to be called the TANK.

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    This is a OLD/probably best picture of me available

    Last thing you purchased

    Refreshing :D

    League of Legends.

    this thread is for so LoL players on this forum could play together and what not, if you have a LoL account just post in this following way. Summoner name: Level: Mains: Region(NA,EUW,EUNE): and I hope I could play with some league of legends users here if there are any at all. Edit: Forgot...
  10. SSCREM

    Your first shave.

    Every true man remembers the first time he shaved so post your stories: first time I shaved I was 15 and it was for a wedding, I used a old disposable raiser and it was without my pops guidance, well I cut myself. *Btw: if any members of the other sex want to participate, tell us the first time...
  11. SSCREM

    MK 9 Story Mode Mistake? (SPOILERS)

    OK here's the deal in MK9 the way to defeat khan was to make him enter earthrealm without victory in Mortal Kombat, Which means he should lose the first tournament MK1 and the second tournament MK2 so he can invade in MK3, then why does the amulet shatter after these two events? These events...