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  1. The 6host

    Poll: Should NRS Let/make us...

    Let me start of by saying I don't put much stock in online ranking with all the loop holes and boosters out there. Most here are willing to admit the ranking system is pretty flawed atm and some of our records are not being reflected properly. Wins counting as losses, respect points disappearing...
  2. The 6host

    Live stream King of the hill.
  3. The 6host

    LBP2 MK Project

    Hey all, lately I've been looking for ways to kill time waiting for the new MK release so I started working on a LBP2 version of MK. Inspired by this B-AdUZeuxYc Here's a few screens from it so far, sorry for the low res I took them with my BB :) Any feed back would be great. Still a...