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  1. ChiefThunder

    Gamer Cards For PS3?

    I see Pat has an xbl one in his sig. How and where do you get these please? Thanks I have a PS3 only.
  2. ChiefThunder

    Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

    For those of you wondering wtf is going on with the much awaited Silent Hill movie sequel. Storyline Heather Mason and her father have been on the run, always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn't fully understand, Now on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by horrific...
  3. ChiefThunder

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

    I suspect that many of you may or may not have known that a new SH's movie is due soon? Below I have posted 2 behind the scenes videos. Rapace, once
  4. ChiefThunder

    Prometheus (new alien movie)

    Time for a thread on "Prometheus". Yes, you read it right. Prometheus is the tentative title for the first of Sir Ridley Scott's two epic Alien movies. Loads of info (some) cool info here. I am loving the way that this is shaping up...
  5. ChiefThunder

    Finally Got MK vs DC

    I am probably the last person to play this game. I finally picked it up for $29 AUSD. New. Just printed out Pat's MK vs DC list etc. I will need it. I am a total noob at any of the 3D MK games. Wish me luck. Looks like alot of fun.
  6. ChiefThunder

    God of War III

    Through a good mate of mine, I now have the complete E3 God of War III demo. I played through it numerous times yesterday, and I gotta tell ya, it's nothing short of mind blowing. My buddy got a code emailed to him and then he put the demo on to my PS3. The demo is almost 3 gigabytes in size. If...
  7. ChiefThunder

    Vidogames That Would Make Awesome Movies?

    What videogames would make awesome movies? God of War is first and foremost on my list. :mrgreen:
  8. ChiefThunder

    Facebook Unknowns

    Does anyone here have Facebook? If so, then maybe you can help me. I have recieved all these invites and have no clue as to who they are. Do any of you recognise them at all. Their names are all I have. And I believe that they are all MK community members. Daniel Rigby Sean Cantrell Jamie...
  9. ChiefThunder

    "Gears of War" The Locust Horde

    "Gears of War" screenwriter Chris Morgan spoke to MTV News about the upcoming adaptation of the game and whether fans can expect to see Corpsers, Seeders and Berserkers wreak havoc on the big screen. "If I have anything to do with it, you absolutely will," said Morgan. "And I do. So the answer...
  10. ChiefThunder

    "Superman Returns"

    Fans have complained that Lex Luthor is not a strong enough villain to face off against Superman and that the man of steel needs to fight a more powerful evildoer in the "Superman Returns" sequel. Warner Bros agreed and has promised more action in the second installment, which they stated will...
  11. ChiefThunder

    "300" Prequel/Sequel

    IESB had the chance to talk to director Zack Snyder about whether the second "300" installment will be a sequel or a prequel. According to Snyder it will be both. If you remember, at the end of "300," 10,000 Spartans were getting ready to fight the Battle of Plataea, which is a year after King...
  12. ChiefThunder

    The Dragonball Evolution Movie Thread

    During the Brand Licensing Europe Expo 2008 in London, 20th Century Fox's booth played the teaser trailer for the upcoming "Dragonball" movie. The teaser is supposed to be shown in front of "Max Payne" on October 17th, but you can get a glimpse at it now by clicking on the link below. In...
  13. ChiefThunder

    "Batman 3"

    "Batman Begins" was released back in 2005 and "The Dark Knight" was released in 2008. That's a three year gap between the two movies. Does that mean that the third installment in the franchise will be in theaters in 2011? Not quite. According to Batman-on-Film, we could get the new movie a...
  14. ChiefThunder

    "Men in Black 3"

    With all the franchises that are trying to add another installment, Parade magazine wondered if there is any movement on "Men in Black 3," which has been rumored for a while. According to a source close to producer Walter Parkes, a third film could potentially be on its way, if pieces begin...
  15. ChiefThunder

    Some MK Animations I Made [dialup users beware]

    It's been over two years since I was here last officially. Hi to all. And for my first post back, I have decided to share some of my gifs that I have made over the last 3 weeks. I am new to sprite gifwork, so be nice please. Oh, and if you see the name Kratos on the fakes. That's me :mrgreen: ...
  16. ChiefThunder

    MKA Gifs by ME

    - post removed - And whoever awarded me bad rep by calling me a DUMBASS! can go eat shit and die a horrible death.
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    Simpsons Movie Gifs

    - post removed -
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    Com Ani-Gifs 4 KAI-92

    - post removed -
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    Spiderman 3 Gifs

    - post removed -
  20. ChiefThunder

    Hannibal Rising

    The next movie in the Hannibal Lecter franchise is a prequel. I do not know if the below poster is fan made or the real deal. Either way, it looks ok.