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    1. The "Battle of Reiko"? Lol. Last time I checked, Reiko wasn't a place. 2. Holy shit. Hooooooooooooly shit. I'm just... not going to say anything... and you can all... come to your own... conclusions.
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    MKX Character Names = FUBAR?

    OK, so this thread isn't very serious, but it kind of is. :laugh: Let's examine the names in MKX and observe just how fuxxed up they are. Kotal Kahn = dude's title is in his name. Why is his title in his name? Raiden isn't called "Lord Raiden," Goro isn't called "Prince Goro," and Sonya Blade...
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    Liu Kang's New Attitude - Yay or Nay?

    This is not about Revenant/Emperor Liu Kang specifically, it's about Liu Kang in general. Liu Kang vs Kotal Kahn intro dialogue. I thought this dialogue was really funny, and a great bad-ass boast, but it's just one example of Liu Kang's new attitude in this timeline. He doesn't take any shit...
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    Ferra Hilarious Dialogue 10/10 She's too funny.
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    April 6th Stream - Going on now!
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    Briggs Family Trailer

    Let's talk spoilers and figure this junk out, because I think some crucial puzzle pieces just fell into place. Resurrection Chronology We have seen 25+ Jax fight Revenant Kung Lao, Kitana, and Quan Chi, and smart money says that that was him fighting Liu Kang in the Shaolin trailer. ("You do...
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    7 minutes of Johnny Cage Intros

    Comedy gold. Some of my favs: Johnny: Is this for real? Johnny: How many of us are there?! Johnny: There can be only one! Bonus points because Christopher Lambert from Highlander was Raiden in MK1. :laugh: Johnny: Scumbag. Kano: Tosser. Johnny: You're getting a punch down under! Johnny...
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    Rank Characters' Variations

    Tried to find a thread like this one and was surprised to see that there wasn't one yet. Rank the variations in order from most interesting to least. Cassie: 1. Brawler 2. Hollywood 3. Spec Ops D'Vorah: no opinion yet Ermac: 1. Mystic 2. Master of Souls 3. Spectral Erron Black: 1...
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    Boobsmasher X-Ray

    Saw Tanya4eva's signature, couldn't help but notice that Kotal is getting punched in the pecs. Where men have pecs, women normally have boobs. Is Jacqui going to punch women in their boobs? Is NRS finally submitting to feminist pressure to make the game less sexist... introducing a...
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    Special Forces: the new White Lotus

    There are between 6 and 8 confirmed Special Forces characters in MKX (depending on Takeda and Kung Jin). If Liu Kang goes bad, Kung Lao goes into exile, and Kung Jin joins SF, there will be only one White Lotus character in the game. This is basically unprecedented. There were always at least as...
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    The Mentor

    The best character in the game has zero threads? Let's fix that. I've heard it said that he doesn't make for a very interesting Champion, and I have to begrudgingly, tentatively... not dismiss the thought out of hand. As a full-on Champion, Johnny Cage might turn into a Mary Sue. Yes, there...
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    The MKX Storymode Prediction Game

    NEW QUESTIONS 5 point - 10. Who gets the final chapter of the game? 11. Which dead characters are resurrected in MKX? (5 points per answer.) 10 point - 25. Was Sonya and Johnny's divorce a joint decision? - Johnny's decision? - Sonya's decision? 26. Will Jacqui's mother appear in...
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    Ermac's Allegiance?

    Ermac looks very lonely without any threads, so let's get some discussion going! Here are the facts as we know them today: 1. Ermac was created by magical means for the purpose of serving Shao Kahn, Emperor of Outworld. 2. At some point in MKX, Ermac serves Kotal Kahn, Emperor of Outworld...
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    Who Should Kenshi Redeem Next?

    MKD MKX MK11 It's becoming apparent that the dude just roams the Earth making career criminals and demonic overlords rethink their life decisions... so, given his 100% success rate so far, who would you like Kenshi to focus his energies on next?!
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    Guess which Characters get Storymode Chapters!

    Edit: I changed the topic around. Less guessing and more speculating. So I'll start the speculating with this vague outline: Netherrealm War: 1. Kenshi fights off invaders and helps Scorpion redeem himself. 2. Johnny Cage becomes Earthrealm Champ. 25 years later/Outworld: 3. Cassie Cage...
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    Vote WHO WINS MKX match-ups!

    I thought it would be fun to see who people think are the stronger fighters in the MK universe. Not in terms of gameplay, but in terms of lore. We have very, very little "valid" information to go on, the power levels of most characters are in total flux from game to game and very loosely...
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    How many returning characters for MK11?

    MK11! Not MKX. MK11. The game after this game. And by "returning" I mean MK1-9. MKX firsts are still new for the purpose of this thread. Let's assume a roster of 30 characters. I want to see what the community consensus is, if there is consensus. Feel free to explain why you voted the way you did.
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    Filling out MKX's Factions

    What do we know about Factions, and how can we use that information to guess at the final roster? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. We know with 99.999% certainty that there will be more than one member per...
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    Ruin your favorite Kharacter!

    Name a konfirmed kharacter that you're really excited about... and how they might fail to live up to your expectations. Name a konfirmed kharacter you wouldn't mind seeing X'd from the roster... and what trick up NRS's sleeves could make you change your mind. I'll start. + Kano. But if he...