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  1. mrb1973

    more depth

    While I love this newest mortal kombat and find its fighting engine quite deep there are. A few small areas that seem like missed oppertunities to add even more such as having the ability to roll either forward or backwards on wake up (wouldn't be hard to implement with the current button...
  2. mrb1973

    stealth updates

    I remember reading awhile back that its possible for nrs to make tweaks to this game without the need for full on patches well my question is has anyone noticed any of these changes (haven't been online myself since getting the day one update)
  3. mrb1973

    kano hidden combos

    OK so I've been messing around with Kano in practice mode and I noticed his f1,1 and f,12 combos change off of a jump in punch weird thing is they look just like his b1,1 and b,1,2 combos accept the first punch is different if this is common knowledge I'm sorry I just find it interesting
  4. mrb1973

    jax observations

    Now ill start off by asking how on earth does a Guy with metal arms suffer from such a lack of combo damage I myself have roped out with a 44% corner combo also what's with his quad throw only doing 1% more damage then everyone else's normal throw and to top it off it also does less damage than...
  5. mrb1973

    damage scaling

    Was just messing around in practice mode when I notices something strange when perfecting simple two hit combo strings I was looking at the damage numbers and the floating numbers added up to 1 percent more then the combo counter sure doesn't seem like much but can affect longer combos pretty...
  6. mrb1973

    jax lost his power

    Call me crazy but you would think a Guy with metal arms would be capable of causing more damage then Jack does most damage I've caused in a combo is 31% meanwhile his partner in crime can hit mid 40% easy wtf
  7. mrb1973

    kript question

    So as some people have said there's supposedly Screamers in the kript well as someone who has yet to install the title update I've never seen a screamer and I've got about half the kript unlocked could the Screamers be tied to the update?
  8. mrb1973

    klassic costumes

    Seeing all the confusion about the pre order klassic costumes and with the end game reward being leaked doesn't it make sense that these costumes would be unlocked in the challenge tower instead of the kript like a lot of us have been assuming. Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place I'm new here
  9. mrb1973

    no love for the mercy

    With all the talk of babalitys brutalities and friendships seems the most useful bragging rights move in mk has been left in the past. But to me there's no more humiliating way to beat someone then to take all their life away bring some of it back then beat them down again. just food for thought