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  1. rinc-e

    Patch Changes? (Dash/Reptile/Cyrax)

    Soo ...lately I've been playing some MK again ..and I think I've read here (or somewhere else), that some Patch actually changed the behavior of the universal Dash (F,F / B,B) question is ..because it feels a bit awkward, but it could be because of my mk-pause. - is it even allrdy...
  2. rinc-e

    Castlevania anyone?

    So ..Castlevania Harmony of Despair is available for 360 since a year or so ..and is finally making its appearance on PS3! ..(free dlc stuff + offline multiplayer ps3 exkl.) Are there some Castlevania Fans on this board? (: Did some of u play it already and could give a little review?
  3. rinc-e

    Mysterious Red Sculpture

    So I was playing a Tag Game the other day and this guy was scrolling through the select screen and suddenly a "Red Sculpture" appeared ..I don'T really know where his courser was, because I don't have all chars unlocked ..I guess somewhere @kratos/Cyber sub .. It looked like a Red bald raw...
  4. rinc-e

    [TagTeam] SubZero/Noob - 100% Combo - Disabler Assist Loop/Reset

    Hey folks, just found this one on YouTube. Seems to be unescapable. The expert AI isn't able to jump/block. What do you think about it? ..TagTeam looks very broken to me so far.
  5. rinc-e

    Using a PS2 controller on a PS3 - lag free?

    Hey, I'm using mostly a ps2 controller converted with a HAMA ps2>ps3 converter .. just found it on german amazon. do u guys know if it is lag free? or where I can get some information about what converters are actually lag free? regards, rinc-e
  6. rinc-e

    private matches

    anybody had some yet? Me and a Friend tried to invite each other but except the pm invite, there doesn't show anything up. and if I try to join via the pm it says: "I have to leave the game" and after this: "Please insert Disc Mortal Kombat" ..WTF?! Am I missing something? edit: theres no...
  7. rinc-e

    Bugs in the Game (v1.01)

    Hey, since theres a list about bugs in the post 1.01 patch version, here are some bugs I noticed until now in the current game. -Story mode: Sound during videos scratches sometimes. (German-Austrian version, can't confirm for others) -Arcade: Finishing the Arcade tower with Kabal unlocks his...
  8. rinc-e

    mp3's in game?

    I know it's allready possbile on the xbox360 (thx to the OS) ..but it isn't on the ps3 do u think NRS will put something in to swap the ingame music to your own mp3's if u want to? I'd love that ...maybe someone could tweet noobde about?`:)
  9. rinc-e

    EU Kollector's Edition and Bonus?

    Hey, I'm following this forum since mk9 has been announced..and i finally decieded to regist because its been ~2 weeks since the editions (and classic costume pre order bonuses) were announced (US only) u think other regions (EU) will get theirs too? Or do people realy have to order those...