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    Super Smash Bros

    They hath forsaken us
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    Borderlands Thread

    So Borderlands 2 came out a few days ago and it badass as hell. :cool: Here is the thread for discussing all things Borderlands.
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    MK: Curse of Steel

    This is a story I've been wanting to write for a while now, I hope you all enjoy. It was midday as the sun shone down on the light covering of snow on the ground, and two young boys ran to an elderly warrior excitedly. "Grandmaster! Look, look! We caught him!" The older of the two kids held...
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    MK: Pitch Black

    My newest story I hope you guys like it. It had been almost a month since the Lin Kuei had been reclaimed from Sektor. The battle was long and bloody but Sub Zero had beaten the Tekunin warlord with some help from Cyrax, Frost, and a small group of warriors he had recruited. Sektor's corpse was...
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    Tournament of the Wastes

    Ok guys so this is my first Fan Fiction in a while but basically it is Mortal Kombat set in the Fallout universe. Enjoy. Introduction After the first battle for Hoover there was a great tension between the factions scattered about the Mojave. A maniacal Vault-Tech scientist once lived...
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    Saint's Row Thread

    Anyone else enjoy playing these games? With the Third coming out soon I decided to make a thread for this. For anyone who didn't ever play these games the story is that you lead a gang known as the Third Street Saints. It is a more wacky and over the top Grand Theft Auto type game. Also I made a...
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    Combo Thread

    Ok guys post your Arcade Kollection Combos here. Make Sure to tell which game it is and also which character. I'll start. UMK3 - Cyber Smoke - Tele, Harpoon, HP, HP, LK, HK, LP 40%
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    Prototype is a free roam game that puts you in the shoes of Alex Mercer and takes place in an infected New York divided into 3 zones green, yellow, and red depending on the level of outbreak. The story behind this game is that there is a plague called Blacklight that threatens to wipe out...
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    My V.S. Screen Render Edits

    Hydro Cyber Smoke Rain Alternate Chameleon Tremor
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    Dao - One of my OCs

    Dao My MK3 edit of Dao Alignment: Neutral Affiliation: Lin Keui Bio: A group of Lin Keui warriors were on patrol around the area near the Lin Keui temple when they see something in the distance, A small child, it is a mystery as to how or why she ended up in Earthrealm and she was found...
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    Favorite Sub Zero?

    So guys which version of Sub Zero is your favorite? Bi Han Kuai Liang Kuai Liang Unmasked Kuai Liang Cyber I like Bi-Han the evil Sub Zero >=)
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    Sub Zero signature

    I made a Sub Zero sig someone can use if they like it If you have a character you would like to be done similar to this or the Smoke one below PM me
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    Lucius is an original character I made up and I would like to know what you guys think about him Credit for the render goes to NS922 Alignment: Neutral Affiliation: Elder Gods Bio: Lucius was created by the Elder Gods to oversee the Mortal Kombat tournament, He holds no loyalty to anyone...