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  1. genesis72

    Enhanced Ice Clone

    What the hell does sub-zero's enhanced ice clone do? and btw what happened to the icy counter move i saw at pax?
  2. genesis72

    Rain DESERVES a Spot in the Roster over Quan Chi

    He was in MK Trilogy, he had a biography and was one of shao khans generals. He betrayed his home world and former friend kitana to side with outworld so Kitana looks at him as a coward who sold out. And his moves are sick. I would rather have Rain in than Quan Chi. I'm sorry all you Quan chi...
  3. genesis72

    When I think of Kano, I think of Rich Divizio NOT Trevor Goddard

    Sorry if i spelled Trevor's name wrong R.I.P. But I'm kind of pissed they used Kano's mkvdc head model in mk9. That head model was good for mkvdc because to a casual audience they may remember the movie and instantly know that its Kano. But for mk9 they should have just used a new head...
  4. genesis72

    Can We Please Get Some Competitive Gameplay Footage

    is that really so much to ask lol. Im tired of character vignettes and "what would you do's". I wanna see two players (probably developers) just go at it, no showing off combos or specials. I want to see if the fighting mechanics are any good. Does any one else feel this way?
  5. genesis72

    What should Kano look like?

    One of my favorite characters. Should he go bald as in mk 3 or stay with the hair like in mk1 and in mkda. also should he have the belt thing that he keeps around his chest?
  6. genesis72

    Presentation or Gameplay, What's more important??

    What's up guys i'm new here and this is my first post although i've been lurking for a long time since the days of Deadly Alliance so please be nice :) Anyway while reading through the forum i see a lot of comments about character designs, classic moves, dlc, stages and fatalities. To be...