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  1. nomad

    playing agaisnt pro players?

    hey! so i had not played online for abit, jumped on a ranked match yesterday and the first name that pops up? DetroitBalln313 .. i was in shock, for those who dont know, he's argueably the best shang tsung tournament player around ("and he has a mean kabal). iwasnt 100% sure it was him.. i said...
  2. nomad

    devastation 2011 finals footage?

    did anyone watch the devastation 2011 top 8 finals stream?? i missed it unfortunately.. but now i am unable to find archive footage anywhere! any help, links would be greatly appreciated. Devastation Top 8 MK @B W1zZ : Raiden @Tom Brady : Sub-Zero @vVvREO : Kabal @marvaz : Johnny Cage | Liu...
  3. nomad

    ACR multiplayer beta

    anyone else download the assassin's creed revelations test beta?? i'd never been into the games but this is awesome fun! stalkin' people and what not.. if you have it we should play! psn's?? :
  4. nomad

    NetherRealm Studios In-House Mortal Kombat Tournament Stream!

    did anybody see this?? did i miss it? how did i not hear of this? im confused... :S its on the front page of..
  5. nomad

    new(ish) mk9 concept art.

    i found this interesting, thought you guys might too, remember those rad mk9 concept costume drawings that have been floating around? i only ever saw sonya,raiden,scorp,and kano, but i have just found some more!, (dont know if this has already ben posted,..couldnt see it) here's the link for...
  6. nomad

    Call to Aussie PSN user's

    Ok, so in australia, we can only play other aussie 's, (and NZ,japan occassionaly) because its banned here and not supported and we dont have server's.. or something along those lines.. blah blah not sure. very rarely does an american match up work. so out of the hundreds of people around the...
  7. nomad

    Raiden Ex Projectile, interesting info..

    i found something strange with raiden today that i hadnt seen before. have you guys ever had chip damage, that occurred after an initial combo, but then was added to the overall percentage of said first combo? ok what i mean is , if you do raiden's back-triangle,forward square, then EX...
  8. nomad

    Scorpion's Bio Thread ~ All Discussion about Scorpion's Bio goes here

    ok so this is really weird.. scorpions bio on has changed to this: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla neque nibh, facilisis ut adipiscing nec, mattis sit amet enim. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur...
  9. nomad

    The Official Mortal Kombat Site Countdown thread

    i don't get it? the countdown timer has ended on but there's nothing there? no new link or anything? am i missing something??