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  1. Marto

    Choice of story progression

    Hey guys, What would your preference be on where they take the Mortal Kombat story? Would you prefer characters that die, to remain dead (highly unlikely as previously seen) or would you prefer them to come back? Also, do you want the story line to include the new characters/realms introduced...
  2. Marto

    MK 9 Rating in OZ

    News from the land of Oz Games classifications may be changing here. Here is a sample of what our government is contemplating: Video games that have been refused classification in Australia could remain banned despite the federal government backing a new adults-only rating. Australia's most...
  3. Marto

    characters love lost

    Have you have a favourite character fromt he early days that you ended up hating? or vise versa? Have you been a little scared about what the MK team might do with your favourite character? I thought this would be a good topic seeing as this new game will return to early days. p.s. My...