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  1. Hansplusmatic

    Krypt to return? Hec's tweets are blocked unless you're following him. The tweet says "Best. Krypt. Ever." Is he hinting towards a krypt return? or is he flat out telling us? It seems odd that he would just leak that info, but you never know. Anyway, this...
  2. Hansplusmatic

    Upgrade the cybernetics!

    With all this talk of certain characters possibly becoming cyborgs who weren't before and ones who WERE becoming human, i think some updating on the look is important. First off, make them look badass- I don't think im the only one who though "aww smoke's a robot! wtf thats gay!" This should...
  3. Hansplusmatic

    MK defenders of the realm

    i just started watching these and i diddnt even know they existed until a couple days ago. They give me the lulz sometimes because its an incredibly cheesy 1990's cartoon. Still not bad overall though. btw you can find all the episodes on youtube just search the name.