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  1. knetzz

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    me at a carting somwere in france or somting 2 years back i think im like whut ya looking at bro me at a war museum almost 1 year back
  2. knetzz


    so for ppl who dont know what airsoft is its ppl whear camo take a gun that shoot little plastic balls and do stuff like roleplay where you play stuff like wo2 and search and destroy irl so i wana start whit this and im thinking about the stuff i gona buy i have found som nice gear but im...
  3. knetzz

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    me making pancake's and me drinking a beer my first 2 pictures on the forum
  4. knetzz

    mk logo

    hello ppl i realy wana make som signature's and stuff but i need a mk logo like the on on the left of the trmk logo cus i look on google and i find som nice ones but its or a whit square or a black square around it i dont whant that so can u help me plzz thx
  5. knetzz


    i dont rely now this is the good place for this but i wana ask for of sombodey can make a signature for me i want a signatue whit noob ermac and kenshi noob left kenshi in the middel an ermac right and above kenshi need to stand knetzz can sombodey make it for me if u can u ar great can it be...
  6. knetzz

    questions on rain and kenshi

    hy ppl im new to mk and my main character s ermac (trying to play whit noob at the moment) and it ar both zoners i think and i like that im looking at gameplay of kenshi and rain and tey look intresting kenshi looks a awesome zoner to me and rain looks prety fast now i realy wana buy them and...
  7. knetzz

    main character

    hey ppl can u help me i started whit looking for a character i wanted to play so i found smoke but i got bored of smoke so i took kabal but i dit not like playing whit him (dont now wy) so i was looking and looking and i found ermac that still my main i can som damange whit him but i dont now...
  8. knetzz

    new at mortal kombat

    hey ppl this is my first post here so hello i have mk9 only fight game i have and i realy like it i love the characters smoke (my best character i can play) ermac (cus i can do more combo's whit ermac than whit smoke) and sometimes kabal but the other 2 i like more lol so im pretty new at the...