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  1. Lex_Lutha111384

    Lets see those gaming rigs!!!

    I am calling out all those PC gamers on here. I love checking out other gamers' gaming setups. I'll start. I just upgraded my setup and figured i would share. I have a Corsair obsidian 350D case, an ASUS Z87 Gryphon MATX board, an i5 4670K overclocked to 4.5GHz (liquid cooled), 2 Nvidia GTX780's...
  2. Lex_Lutha111384

    MKX PC Version

    I keep hearing Ed Boon say, that NRS is personally working on the Next Gen console version of the game. I hope he means the PC version as well. You guys dont think he would have other companies work on the pc version along with the Xbox 360 and PS3 do u? I mean you cant get more next gen than a...
  3. Lex_Lutha111384

    Why did NRS stop!!!!!!!

    Just because the game is out, doesn't mean we don't want our Mortal Mondays back, or our Toasty Tuesdays, or our Fatality Fridays!!!!! What the hell!! I miss rushing home on those certain days for new wallpapers, vignettes, combo videos etc. The finished copy of the game doesn't have all that...
  4. Lex_Lutha111384

    I found something very KOOL

    Not sure if anyone knows about this.....if you do than your awsome too! On single player practice, or 2 player mode, if you go to the level select, and pick an old school level, and press start on the correct level (Goro's Lair, Dead Pool, Liv. Forest etc.) you will hear Shao Kahn laugh. If you...
  5. Lex_Lutha111384

    Hidden fight......How??

    How do I fight MK1 reptile in the bottom of the pit?? I saw santa, beat the comp. double flawless without blocking, and did a fatality!! NOTHING!! Was I supposed to do a stage fatality??
  6. Lex_Lutha111384

    Does anyone know???

    If they announced a winner to the Epic reward Giveway?? The one where you can meet Ed Boon, get a tour of NRS, and a custome arcade cab? I entered everyday (twice a day) the entire month of march. They said they were going to call or email the winner on the 15th of April, but they havent yet! If...
  7. Lex_Lutha111384

    Check out my newcomer.

    Just got this custom framed. I found the poster at walmart.
  8. Lex_Lutha111384

    Final Entries Today!!!!

    Today is the final day to enter for the "EPIC GIVEAWAY" were you can enter for the chance to win a meet with Ed Boon, get a tour of NRS, and win an MK9 custom arcade cabinet! I personally entered twice a day every day this month. Anyone else enter as much as they could? (I believe it is going...
  9. Lex_Lutha111384

    Have you guys heard about this???

    I have heard this RUMOR! now about three times. Footage of Smoke doing his fatality on Jax. Something along the lines of Jax's skin melting off?? I don't know!! I just can't tell if I'm really excited, or really pissed that people would spread this SH*T! Has anyone heard or seen anything??
  10. Lex_Lutha111384

    I just noticed the funniest thing!

    It may not mean much too anyone else but me and my brother, but you can actually see the two of us in the reflection of the 3D tv at PAX displaying noobs fatality on reptile! He has the backpack on, and I'm wearing the glasses.
  11. Lex_Lutha111384

    I can't believe it worked!!

    Did any of you guys know that you can play PS1 games on the new slim PS3?? I couldn't believe it worked!!! Needless to say, I started this thread to find out who owns any Mortal Kombat games for PS1 that they would be willing to sell me. I would love Trilogy, or any of them really. Anyone think...
  12. Lex_Lutha111384

    This is what Goro should look like!!

    Tell me what you think
  13. Lex_Lutha111384

    Really great shot of scorpion's 2nd fatality

    I haven't really seen a great shot of scorp's 2nd fatality yet..........i def. found one. Check it out.
  14. Lex_Lutha111384

    Imagine having 1 of these for MK9

    How sick are these setups for entertainment!!! Just imagine playing the new Mortal Kombat on one of these badboys!!
  15. Lex_Lutha111384

    Release Date Speculation

    Can anybody tell me the definite release date for this game???? I'm trying to work my vacation into it. I need to know what to tell my boss! If there isn't one yet than just lemme know please.
  16. Lex_Lutha111384

    I was just wondering???????

    When this masterpiece finally drops, how are we going to know what button sequences to press to perfrom fatalities???? Will they tell us how to somewhere in the game???(like on ultimateDS) Are we going to have to look online??? Are we going to have to unlock them??? Even the ones you get with...
  17. Lex_Lutha111384

    Man we've come a long way!!!! (watch all of them)

    its amazing to think that these fatalities are only 10 -20 years old. Just imagine 10-20 more!!
  18. Lex_Lutha111384

    Merry Mortal Christmas to us all!!!!!!!

    Whatup my fellow mortals.......I hooked up with a couple of friends of ours and shot this Xmas video for you guys......tell me what u think You have to select "share again", and then select "watch dance"