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  1. BrokenJanders

    Ever get that warm feeling...

    When you beat someone who was spamming the chat saying I AM DA BEST IN HERE!!! FACE ME IF YOU DARE Ahh... Share your chat room stories here ;)
  2. BrokenJanders

    Nooby question

    Watching the stream, I am hearing 'hit confirm' and I was wondering... what it meant... Can anyone tell me?
  3. BrokenJanders

    Do you ever try to input codes?

    When ever you enter a match do you input codes, just spam buttons, or do nothing... I generally input triple MK or triple skulls for tourney mode (no extra bar on first hit) and zombie mode (no fatalities/finish him/her moments)
  4. BrokenJanders

    Best Zoner, Rushdown etc.

    I've always wondered who was widely considered the BEST anit-rushdown, or the best zoner etc... cause I have always seen the characters be called a great zoner or a great rusher but I never has heard someone say the BEST...
  5. BrokenJanders

    More DLC

    During an interview with Boon at Comic-Con Boon said that they definitely are considering making more DLC, but it still depends on sales stats for the others. And from my perspective, Rain, Kenshi, and Freddy will all sell extremely well... SO I think I see more DLC in our future But don't get...
  6. BrokenJanders

    I am VERY pleasantly surprised

    I've played maybe..... 20 matches this afternoon and each of them was nearly void of lag. And this was in one of the public rooms (Netherrealm I believe.) And I didn't go against all Scorpions... (well I did go up against a LOT but I destroyed them... :tee: I am actually content with the online...
  7. BrokenJanders

    It's a conspiracy...

    The only players I have fought online have been people who's names begin w/ an 'S' Sektor Scorpion (a hell of a lot of scorpions) Sindel Stryker Sub-Zero It's a conspiracy I tell you, a CONSPIRACY But seriously, why are there SO MANY Scorpions online. Yesterday, I only fought scorpions...
  8. BrokenJanders

    Ermac vs Spammers

    So I have developed plans and strategies when it comes to teleporters, zoners, etc. but I can never find a sure fire strategy vs people who would spam fireballs/hit and away moves etc. I can usually [60%] bring the spammer to a halt, but I can't find a consistent strategy.... anyone know of any...
  9. BrokenJanders

    Hidden Cyrax on Dessert

    I was just wondering if it was anything special. I saw a klassik cyrax stuck in the sand on the stage during a local versus match and I was all "Wait a minute, is that cyrax?" Is there any content that comes from this, or is it purely for show?