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  1. RedRaiden24

    Online tourneys?

    Are there any online tournaments for money?
  2. RedRaiden24

    Most memorable performances

    Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden--- Fight Club Daniel Day-Lewis as William Cutting aka Bill the Butcher--- Gangs of New York Mel Gibson as William Wallace---- Braveheart Robert De Niro as Jake LaMotta--- Raging Bull Robert De Niro as Vito Corleone--- The Godfather Part II Al Pacino as Tony Montana---...
  3. RedRaiden24

    Greatest movie ending

    What is the greatest movie ending? Which ending left you sitting in your seat in amazement? For me its a two way tie Inception: The perfect way to end and awesome film, not to mention a great song to go along with it. Braveheart: Not a twist by any means, but such an emotional ending. After...
  4. RedRaiden24

    Used PS2?

    Trying to pick one up, having trouble finding a cheap one. Anyone know any good websites or something...?
  5. RedRaiden24

    Mobile Emulators?

    I recently downloaded a psx emulator on my phone, and the bios file. My only problem is getting games to work. All I want is to get MK trilogy but im always running into issues. I have andro zip but im very inexperienced with this stuff. If anybody has any sort of advice it would really go a...
  6. RedRaiden24

    XBL question

    If I recover my gamertag at a friends house will that bring my MK DLC with it? Or is that a separate file...? Thanks in advance
  7. RedRaiden24

    SSFIV or Tekken 6?

    I can get these used very cheap. I have never played a single game from any series but MK has gotten me hooked on fighting games, so im looking to try other games. Which do you guys think is the better game and why?
  8. RedRaiden24

    PS3 help

    My friend has a PS3, me and him were under the impression that ps2 games are compatible but apparently not. He has an 80 gb version, the back of the box says 2008. Is there any way to play ps2 games on that version of the ps3? I own a 360 so I have limited knowledge of the ps3. I know the...
  9. RedRaiden24

    Who would buy all MK's in marketplace?

    If there was a decent price (15$ Max), I wouldn't hesitate to buy all the MKs in the market place. I know it most likely wont happen but this MK made me miss all the previous ones. I have most of the recent ones for regular Xbox, but unfortunately the 360 I have doesn't support the old Xbox...
  10. RedRaiden24

    Who's beaten top 100 players?

    According to the leaderboards (XBL), I have beaten the top 5 at least once, including #1 a few times. There's no way these leaderboards are accurate, I have gotten beaten by much better people who aren't even ranked. Most of the time these players have their strategies that work once, but when...
  11. RedRaiden24

    The "noob" character?

    Who do you guys think is the cheapest/most abused character is mk9? This isn't a complaint thread by any means, just want to gather some opinions. In my opinion, Ermac and smoke are the ones based on my experience. I know Raiden (my main) will get some hate, I agree partially, I have come...
  12. RedRaiden24


    Where's my Spartacus fans!?!?!?!?! The show, not the Kubrick film
  13. RedRaiden24

    X men first class

    Saw it yesterday and omg what a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fassbender and McAvoy were just perfectly cast. Michael Fassbender as Erik is going down right behind the joker as greatest comic book villain of all time. The movie itself was great, only a few changes I would've made. I could go on...
  14. RedRaiden24

    Konquest Idea...

    In the next MK NRS should bring konquest mode back for many reasons. MKD held my interest the longest because of all the extras you can achieve by free roaming. I thought it was pretty cool to explore the realms and encounter different characters. They should bring it back with a little more...
  15. RedRaiden24

    Favorite Villain/Boss from MK?

    I personally think all the bosses are awesome in the MK series. My all time favorite is Shao Kahn but he is to cheap to play with previous games. A close second and my favorite playable villain is Quan Chi Edit: Poll added