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  1. Outworld Imp

    Raiden WILL appear

    I don't expect you to take my word for it, but I can say that Raiden will probably be in MKX. Playable? I have no idea. Back in February, I met Richard Epcar, Raiden's VA for MKvsDCU and MK9. He signed my copy of MK9 and told me he recently did voice-over work for the next Mortal Kombat...
  2. Outworld Imp

    The Ultimate Hunter?

    Ok, it's probably because I've been obsessed with the license as of late...but doesn't Reptile in MK9 seem to have influences from Predator? Notice the armor in his default outfit and his physicality.
  3. Outworld Imp

    Game of the Year Edition/Re-Release?

    I proudly own MK9 for the PS3. I enjoy it very much...very very much. However, unlike most gamers, I don't have the "devine" ability to acquire DLC. I live in the boons of Eastern Tennessee. High-speed internet is far and inbetween. In DLC Kombatants for me. It really sucks. As...
  4. Outworld Imp

    Ok, I'll bite...

    I like Kratos's inclusion in the game. I've played as him a few times and I think he handles well. Hell, I'm getting back into God of War because of it. Sorry for the doubt. Peace.
  5. Outworld Imp

    Top 10 Kombatants

    Ok, after months of constant revision, I have finally placed my top 10 favorite kombatants. I'm here to present them and to allow you to present yours yadda yadda yadda. 10. Kai: My favorite of the MK4 newcomers. His background (black Shaolin monk) is very interesting, and his moveset can...
  6. Outworld Imp

    Absolute Praise

    Monday night was just awesome! The turnout wasn't as big as say Halo or Call of Duty, but who cares. The people who were there knew MK and were fun to be around. Furthermore, I was the runner-up in the GameStop tourney! For my first tournament, 2nd place ain't so bad. I beat four others to...
  7. Outworld Imp

    It's On!

    I'll be getting my copy of MK9 at GameStop tonight during the Midnight Release. See y'all Wednesday! lol
  8. Outworld Imp

    Totally Twisted

    I'm a fan of Twisted Metal. It's a series loved only by a select few. So I ask... Where the homies at?! Talk twisted folks.
  9. Outworld Imp

    The Future of Gaming

    All my life I've played video games. They are my hobby, possibly my future career. However, I am worried the future of the industry. For example, I am heavily opposed to motion gaming. To me, games will always be a controller and a box! I already look like a jackass playing the Wii! I was...
  10. Outworld Imp


    I've noticed there has been a lot of negativity lately around the forum...well that's a given, but still. We're so close to release, you'd think people would be jumping for joy. Let's get it outta our systems. Post your personal pros and cons about the game. Spread the joy, or unleash your...
  11. Outworld Imp

    Final Stretch

    I'm posting this for the sole purpose that I have been without internet for the last week. I can obviously see that there have been many new surprises during my absence. So it's come down to this. Less than a month away, we'll be glued to our TVs, splattering the landscape with our enemies'...
  12. Outworld Imp

    Concerning Liu Kang's Bio

    Didn't he have a brother at one point? No, I don't mean Chan from the movie. It was mentioned in the comic done by John Tobias that Liu had a brother named Chow. Also, in his bio for the first game (at least one variant of it), it mentioned that Chow disappeared shortly before the tournament...
  13. Outworld Imp

    Shao Kahn...wins?

    I watched an old interview with Hector Sanchez, and he claims that Shao Kahn won Armageddon. Now I know that Ed and his team tend to retcon things quite a bit, but seriously. I thought Taven's armor caused the Kombatants to become even stronger, thus not resolving the conflict? Also, we can...
  14. Outworld Imp

    Character Specifics

    Well the release is closing in, and we have yet to get a visual on the entire roster. So I ask, what do you hope to see in a character not yet shown? Here's my example... Liu Kang Appearance: I'm hoping for something along the lines of MK4. Give me a blood red tanktop and his usual...
  15. Outworld Imp

    Underappreciated Games

    There are many games out there that are bashed by both reviewers and gamers alike. However, a select few truly enjoy them. I like to read reviews, however I never listen to them or let them decide what I play. Here in this topic, I want to hear what negatively received games you like to play...
  16. Outworld Imp

    UMK3 App Review

    My brother and I recently downloaded the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 app. This is the recently released 3D remake, and here is my review. The Positives... First off, the app does a great job graphically. While it isn't the original 2D game, the 3D graphics hark back to the latter days of...
  17. Outworld Imp


    I'm really starting to fear the release of this game. What started out as a saving grace for us fans, is slowly turning into a ****ed up grindhouse game. Supposedly, Ed claims in the recent issue of OPM that the game is "Over-the-Top" and shouldn't be taken seriously. When it come to my...
  18. Outworld Imp

    Playable Sub-Bosses

    This has been coming up a lot. Should sub-bosses be playable? Chances are we will see Goro, Kintaro, and Motaro next year. I'm split on this one. As much as I want to play as Goro, I can also see how not playing as them would bring back challenge and nostalgia.
  19. Outworld Imp

    Change Your Destiny: Shujinko?

    I'm gonna try my damndest to divert some of this Kratos krap. A character I think should be in the new MK is Shujinko. Now before you go and say I've lost my damn mind (in which you'd be right anyway) I have my reasons...story reasons to be exact. Before I explain, I liked Shujinko. Sure, he...
  20. Outworld Imp

    Champion Prediction

    One of the hints at a new story, was the possibility of Liu Kang no longer being the MK Champ. While this may be true, I still hope he returns. Kang still ranks number one on my list. If that be the case, who do you think will lead Earthrealm to victory this time around?