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  1. Jose Jr Torres

    Batman: Arkham City DLC Giveaway Contest

    Got 3 DLC: The Dark Knight Returns Costume The Animated Series Costume Batman: Gotham Knight Voucher But first some questions. Firsts to answer correctly (send to my inbox) will win a code *What happens to The Joker in TDKR? *What does Batman say in the Cartoon Network trailer for TAS...
  2. Jose Jr Torres

    Mortal Kombat Sitcom

    They're going to kill you...... with laughter!!!
  3. Jose Jr Torres

    The Official Video Thread ~ All Videos Go Here

    Like the title says, this thread is for funny, awesome or cute animal videos. This are some of my favorites: I'll be posting a minimum of 1 or a maximum of 3 vids per day (when I do post) :proud: Feel free to post your favorite vids :top:
  4. Jose Jr Torres

    I just realize something......

    I spent countless hours unlocking every offline trophies like doing every fatality, unlocking all the costumes, complete story mode, complete challenge tower, fight all the hidden fighters, complete the krypt, ect. Everything I did is in vain..... My PS3 died last week, and since their wasn't...
  5. Jose Jr Torres

    Favorite Babality

    I'm a Sub-Zero fan, but my favorite babality would have to be Liu Kang :_wink: Even as a baby his ready for Mortal Kombat!! :laugh:
  6. Jose Jr Torres

    Question about trade in...

    :hmmmm:How much would Gamestop give me for MK (cash)? Don't judge yet, i just wanted to know because i want to take advantage of the TRU deal and buy 2 MK, one for me, one for my brother and that way i could also get the Kitana Klassic Skin, but if GS only gives me like $20, well then I can't...