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    How many characters should be revealed?

    Let's say 24 characters total How about 16 reveals. And of the 8 we wait to play the game to see 4 are locked. Also I think 2 dlc is plenty. 1 a guest and 1 the fans were asking for.

    What about fatalities from POV perspective?

    Talk about incentive to not lose a match. That shit could be intense

    Post your ORIGINAL/ANSWERABLE questions for the team?

    Maybe just maybe well get someone to do a Q&A!:0 1. How would you compare the process of creating the story to that of MK9? 2. Is there anything you learned from fan reactions that you intentionally took under advisement this time around ? 3. How much playing of the game goes on day to day?

    Making YOU a playable character

    The technology is there to do this. Have the player do a mocap of the moves with the guide of a tutorial.

    Mortal Kombat on the Daily Show

    Jon Stewart was freaking out on some Noob X-Ray And he gave a warning to the audience before he showed the wishbone fatality

    Best Taunts?

    I like them b/c when playing against someone its fun to repeat the lines as theyre being said playing along w/ the cheesiness. I think they need to stay. As mentioned in the other thread a good one is Kitanas "Farewell". I like Smokes "Stay down Sektors deep laugh is funny

    Whats a Move You Dont Mind Being Done to you?

    Aesthetically I like getting frozen sometimes. It can catch you at funny moments

    I went online on someone elses PS3 at first

    Do I need to pay $10 to go online on my PS3 now? :(

    5 Least Used Characters?

    Lets say that they do use that as the template for who to cut from the roster. Who would it be? My guesses: Kitana Nightwolf Stryker Sheeva Jade

    Is Tag Team Basically Cheating?

    Against these boss characters its like having double health bars.

    Live Gameplay W/ commentary by the producers

    2nd/3rd Fatality Inputs for the Demo-4?

    Would they work on the demo if we now know them?

    Why do XBOX players need a special feature?

    Theres not enough in this game already? Its basically like theyre kids again and dont want the toy that was laying on the floor until their brother picked it up and started playing with it. If you are purely an XBOX owner then you arent familiar w/ Kratos anyway. Sony/WB/NRS put him in to...

    How About Some Stats to Show Your Performance?

    Like what character you have the best/worst success with by showing a graph of damage taken and damage done. Which moves are your favorites, which moves you ignore. What character you fight well against and fight poorly against etc.?

    Does Toasty Do Anything?

    If you press any combination of buttons does anything happen?

    Should the Special Moves all be 2 directions+ 1 Button

    Some of the older games would have moves that would require a F,D,F or B,D,B etc. command prompt. I think to keep the game fast paced all moves should be 2 directions and a button. It makes it smooth and keeps it quick. And you dont want your opponent to keep checking his moves list. Its...

    Wont Download

    Any suggestions on how to improve the internet connection real quick? Does it matter where the PS3 is in location to the modem or router or whatever? Should I shut off everyones wireless device in the general area?

    Idea for performing fatalities

    Instead of a distance and set command there could be a prompt displayed on the screen. As soon as it says 'finish him' a 4-5 button combo flashes. If the winner performs it its fatality time. But if the loser, who character is stunned, performs it first their characters busts out of...