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  1. 0Kitana0

    Random pictures thread

    I just did a new random picture in photofilter when I was bored. So, instead of doing a thread "Random MK picture: Shopping", why don't we just let this thread stay, and everyone can post their pictures? So basically, I post my picture, you guys...
  2. 0Kitana0

    "School-made" draws

    So, sometimes when I am at lunch (or even at classes e.e ) at school, I make many draws. I have around 100 of them. So, I scanned 4 of them and I'm showing to you guys! :) Ermac : Kitana: Mileena, Kitana and...
  3. 0Kitana0

    Converting videos to avi?

    So, sometimes I do videos in "Windows Movie Maker". The problem is when I want to post them on youtube, it doesn't work because the file format is "wmvm" or something like that. When I'm finished doing my video, how do I convert it to avi or anything that works on youtube? Thank you!
  4. 0Kitana0

    Nonsense MK dance

    Firstable, I did this in a site called JibJab. Second, I DON'T WANNA TO OFFEND ANYONE. I just did this because I lost a bet (twice). Third, No, they're not naked. They just don't have their shirts. And fourth, I picked the other 2 heads randomly. Here is the link...
  5. 0Kitana0

    Kitana ("Rebuilding")

    Nothing amazing, I'm just bored and who cares!! Hope you enjoy a bit at least (BTW sorry for the "I...I...I...I..."'s =( ) CHAPTER 1 The Past Me, myself and I. I was an Assassin commanded by Shao Kahn. I only believed in taking all the world for me, I wanted the power, I was the...