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  1. Draco Briggs

    New Story Teaser!

    Enjoy you guys!
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    So I follow a dude named @Tim_Static on Twitter. He frequents Back before Injustice was announced - he had the DC Comics logo as his avi. After the game was announced, he tweeted this: Kombat Network ‏@Tim_Static Now you all know why I was rockin the DC avatar on TYM &...
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    The Ladies of Injustice

    Hmm, interesting posts! Black Canary seems to be the most popular thus far. Curently, in The New 52, she has reassembled her all-female "Birds of Prey" fighting force. Recruits include Poison Ivy, Katana, and new character Starling. Speaking of Poison Ivy (pictured here in the new Birds of...
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    The Ladies of Injustice

    We've got Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn so far; a flawless start! I don't care for Wonder Woman but I must admit she looks fantastic and powerful. She was fun to watch in MKvsDCU. Her artwork on the official website is incredible imo. Regarding Harley Quinn - I love someone who bring guns to a...
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    Does Anyone Use Baraka?

    I love Baraka. Have since MK6. He was one of my mainz in MK8. But I just cannot utilize him properly in this new game. His fighting style doesn't align with the way I like to play. It saddens me too because I really love his look in this new game; his alternate costume is fierce! I've tried to...
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    Day 1 Favorites

    Only choose 1! Favorite character? Favorite mode? Favorite level? Favorite "wow"/exciting moment so far? Favorite Fatality? Add more if you think of a good one...GO!
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    Twas The Night Before Kombat...

    Hey fellas and ladies! The night of Kombat has finally arrived...phew! Finally! To commemorate this grand night - let us post pictures of our events this evening. Whip those phones (or real cameras) and document The Night Before Kombat! Things to document: 1. Your midnight release (if you are...
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    Just got the text message!

    "Gamestop: Your Mortal Kombat avail 12:01AM Tue. Arrive 10pm Mon to finalize payment. 25% bonus on trades." Did you get yours?
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    It's Mortal Kombat Eve Weekend: Whatcha Got Planned?

    Started this thread cause this is the last weekend before Mortal Kombat comes out. I know it's a lil early...but when your a college senior - the weekend starts on Thursday night lol (or at least mine does). I always hear about fans' crazy rituals on the eve of a MK release - watching the MK...
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    Sheeva, Rain, Kabal, or Smoke: Who is Next?

    The last 4 non-boss fighters from the target era (meaning not MK4 debuting Quan Chi) that have yet to be konfirmed. Not including Fake Skarlett. Yes, I know Rain was in Ed's DLC lineup....but I just dont believe that he has been demoted to DLC. Why not? 1. He has a cult following - arguably...
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    New Stryker Image

    Courtesy of Gamespot:;img;1
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    IGN's Inside the X-ray Discussion Thread GO! PS: Holy Crap, Kitana, thats better than your fatality!! 0_0 PSS: I see Baraka!
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    Mileena Vignette!
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    Mortal Kombat @ Pax East 2011

    It seems as though Mortal Kombat will be present at the upcoming Pax East gaming convention. The twitter Community Manager has been hinting at the game's presence for the past week. The event is located in Boston, Massachusetts and will be held on March 11th - 13th. I believe this will be the...
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    Some Tidbits From the new Official Playstation Magazine

    found the Scorpion/Kratos January OPM in the grocery store today so I thought Id share a lil something. Most is known or can at least be inferred, but I think its still interesting enough to post: 1. Mr. Boon states that there is exactly a 99.9% chance that any of your favs from the first 3...
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    Mkast has Been Released :)
  17. Draco Briggs

    This Just In: MK Playable This Weekend!

    NinjaBoy66 @Rigo Cortes @McCarron @drkbish @redCassandra555 MK will be playable at a public event this weekend Striaight from the horses mouth! :) Playable here ---->