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  1. Brandonspikes

    Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition Unboxing From IGN
  2. Brandonspikes

    Did anyones online order ship yet?

    Some people I've heard online orders shipped from Amazon, I myself Pre-ordered from Walmart but I hear there processing thing is bugged and never updates.
  3. Brandonspikes

    Guess the metascore (Week 1) game.

    Herro!, What does everyone here think the game will get on Metacritic. I personally think the game will be 88-91. PS3 MetaCritic Xbox 360 Metacritic
  4. Brandonspikes

    Is the Tournament Edition worth it?

    I'm considering getting the TE over the standard from Walmart today, and I want to know if If I should. I've never owned a fight-stick and I planned on putting a lot of time into this game (going for all the achievements). Also I find it neat that I can use it for the PC via USB Just...
  5. Brandonspikes

    Who are you going to play first in Arcade mode.

    I myself am going to choose Noob Saibot, as he has been my favorite character growing up as a kid, plus I want to get really good at playing him since he intrigues me the most, plus his Fatality is BA. Sorry if this is a double thread post, feel free to delete if so.