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    Kombat Pack 2 Reveal tomorrow!

    The more I look at the picture, the more it does look like Sweetooth's fire-hair... Replace Master chief with Fujin and I think this is the line-up
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    Kombat Pack 2 Reveal tomorrow!

    I reckon, like Tanya, the Story mode models of NPC's will be slightly updated and made to look better. Left: Seems to be baraka, head and what appears to be the metal armour he wore in the game. But he had only a single rope around his arm in his story mode model but maybe due to updating, If...
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    baraka trophy

    He was in an achievement/trophy pic, most agree he's just a story mode NPC though. He look a little under-detailed and his costume is plain.
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    MKX Story Trailer (CST 8:00 02/27)

    He's on Mileena's side, seen later fighting with her against Kotal
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    Guess the next character!

    All hints point to only one conclusion...
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    Songs Inspired By the warriors 2?

    Would a new album for MKX be a good thing? In the first album, a lot of the music didn't fit the warriors (I mean Raidens...what the hell), though mostly it was a good album and certain warriors got a good fitting theme (Goro, Baraka). Would a new album be a good way to introduce the new...
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    Your variations for characters?

    What variations could returning characters (or new ones you can think of) have that you can think of? As my favourite character, I have been hoping Baraka could return but was finding it hard what his variations could be as he really has his blades and...well...that's it. Here's some I created...
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    info and screenshots

    Closer look at the joker
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    info and screenshots

    Green lantern and Joker screen-shot released
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    Jaxes Fatality in other game

    Wargods was created by midway games (same as old mortal kombat games) and had fatalities If you have seen the new trailer or were at BGS you know jaxes fatality Skip to 1:33 to see the fatality jax has but was in this game first, i just thought it was funny )also at 0:54 a guy uses a voodoo...
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    MK Fans a little prejudice? (spoilers of characters)

    Ok before the full roster reveal there was much speculation. But one person who almost everyone absolutely despised and were against being in the game was stryker. The comments that he was plain, normal, fat and boring were pretty plentyful and he was last in a poll for characters people wanted...
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    What are the bad points to this game

    I honestly struggle to try and think of cons to do with this game, i can't think of anything that makes this game bad in any way. We all know the pros and we can see it has alot more than any other fighting game has ever had with the challenge tower, story mode, training, mini games, online and...
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    Explanation of fatalities *spoilers*

    There is one finisher that you can learn in fatality trainer (this is the first fatality) The hidden finisher (achievement list name) is the characters second fatality that cannot be trained The other -ality is babalities (revealed in leak) This is my thoughts, yours?
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    Ratings for the game?

    When street fighter 4 was released it got an average of 93 ffrom metacritic and it was just balanced fighting with almost nothing else. (not being a mortal kombat fanboy but i think it was overrated), mortal kombat seems to have just fighting also, no variety such as mini games(i don't mean...
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    All Known Fatalities

    Just a thread to show all known fatalities as people keep on asking about them Scorpion F1 - He slices off opponents legs then thier head with his sword F2 - He slices opponent at waist and neck, kicks away the torso and cuts the opponents head in half as it falls Sub-Zero F1 - freezes...
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    A funny thought...

    It just ran through my head (i'm not being serious here i know it isn't possible with the audio leak being male) but imagine if that unnamed red lady was the human sektor, wouldn't that be such a twist, samus style
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    Fatalities for Noob?

    Honestly i can never guess fatalities for noob saibot as his past ones have been clones of others (MK4) or pretty lame but in mk9 i wonder what they will give him as fatalities, Noob is such a hard character to think up what fatalities the team will give him but heres what i think they will go...
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    A couple of modes that'd be awesome

    Model Viewer - In MK vs DC there was the model viewr which was great to see all the details in the characters, i'd love a model viewer in mk9 and maybe even if you press X it shows you there skeleton inside thats used for x-rays Create a fatality 2.0 - If you have played any recent Smackdown vs...
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    Barakas Mk9 Look...

    So we saw his head model in the new vid but does anyone else dislike it? it's his eyes that annoy me ,He just looks like a goblin from a fantasy game, i wish they would go back to the pitch black version of his eyes instead of these silly red and yellow ones, made him much more intimidating...