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  1. MKDaz

    MK9 Image Resource Thread

    This is the MK9 Image Resource Thread, here I will post the images I have extracted from MK9 using the tools I have. I have extracted two so far and that is to do with Fatality, here they are :) I will update it with more =D Fatality Blood Fatality The Fatality logo was mainly extracted...
  2. MKDaz

    MKDaz's Drawing Projects

    Hey! Here I will post my projects, I have been working on a few easy line arts and colourings in Gimp (In a limited amount of time) and have been thinking of projects for a while. I had thought of having a MK9 project, doing ever render in the game and a MK:A project, just the same as MK9. But I...
  3. MKDaz

    XNALara Render Request Thread

    Kay, the banner is old and so is this thread but its being revived! Lolz. I have improved alot and also got into newer rendering engines ^^ If you request choose which rendering engine you want the render done in :) Toolbag Hardest rendering engine. Blender Easy rendering engine. Keyshot...
  4. MKDaz

    Mortal Kombat Fire & Ice - MKDaz & Flying Jinko

    Story Idea by Me, Full Story by Me and Flying Jinko :) Fire & Ice Chapter 1 - The New Grandmaster Earthrealm was safe once again with the defeat of Shao Kahn by the forces of light. Kuai Liang, had played an integral role in the pushing back Kahn's extermination squads from Earthrealm. Raiden...
  5. MKDaz

    Mortal Kombat 9 Novelisation

    My novelisation of Mortal Kombat 9. I know in the chapters the battle scenes are a bit short and too simple but it is the best I can do... Mortal Kombat 9 Prologue Bodies were scattered upon the ground. They had been crushed, sliced, stabbed and beaten. Weapons were stuck through kombatants and...