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    Easter Eggs/References In Injustice

    Here are some easter eggs and references I found in Injustice, which reference other DC Comics projects. I'm not going to put some of the more obvious references like the mentions of the "Knightfall" or "Death Of Superman" storylines. Feel free to add any ones I did not mention in the comments...
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    Why No Justice Lords Skins?

    Why don't we have these skins when the game's story is very similar to that of the Justice League episode "A Better World"? Besides the costumes themselves look awesome! Another thing is that if they chose to include the Justice Lords Flash then that would mean he also gets a Professor Zoom skin...
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    Skin Pack Ideas

    I want to hear your ideas for new skin packs, try to also give your skin packs a name too :). Also, if you want more skins for a character that already has a lot of skins, like Batman, list them anyway. Here are my skin packs ideas. 1. Movie Skin Pack: Green Lantern The Dark Knight Batman The...
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    Where Are The Patch Notes For Update 1.06?

    Where are the patch notes for the Martian Manhunter compatibility pack? I would love to know why the update was 800mbs. I mean, an update that big just to add a character and a new skin? They must have changed a few things cause not even the previous updates which also added a new character and...
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    Mortal Kombat 10 Confirmed/Leaked!!!

    This video will give you all the proof you need
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    Your Martian Mahunter DLC Review

    Post your thoughts on Martian Manhunter here I think he's the best DLC character so far. His gameplay is great and his Character Power is very usefull for linking combos. The voice actor is the same one from the old JL/JLU animated series and he's does an amazing job but he's a little hard to...
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    Patch Broken.....Again

    The new 1.06 patch that adds Martian Manhunter Compatibilty and the Green Lantern skin won't install. This is the SECOND time this has happened to me, the first was with the Zod update. I play on PS3 and it tells me if I want to install the new patch and I click ok and then it says "please wait"...
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    Idea For How Power Characters Use Interactibles

    So we all know how power characters destroy most of the items they interact with right? Well sometimes it can be a bit annoying if a power character destroys an item you need later on in the fight. What if power characters could use items in another way other than just smashing them over their...
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    Slowdowns And Freezing Offline

    This only appears to happen offline and it's like you are having lag while offline. The game froze on me right now. MK9 had this same problem but the slowdowns were barely noticeable but in Injustice it's like your having lag and at least MK9 never froze on me! I play on PS3 just in case anyone...
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    S.T.A.R Labs DLC Missions Unavailable

    When I went to download the new S.T.A.R Labs missions (I have the Season Pass) they were not in the in-game store and when I checked the PSN Store the missions were there but is said they were "Unavailable" Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Will Martian Manhunter And The John Stewart Skin Be Released On July 16th?

    Now that he has been confirmed, will he be released no July 16th for 4.99? We already know that the Ame-Comi skin pack will be released on the 16th does this mean that Martian Manhunter will also be released then? I think that if he's not released on the 16th, then maybe the John Stewart skin...
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    Victory/Intro Swaps

    Watch this video and see character's intros and outros being swapped. What do you guys think? :):):)
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    Stage Transition Inbalencces

    Hi guys, so I have noticed two problems with the stage transitions that I think need some attention 1. The distance you need to be to perform the transitions vary by stage. Now this would not be a problem if some of the distance needed are not too far from the corner if the stage. But you can...
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    Can't Download New Patch

    I am a PS3 user and I have the Season Pass so when I downloaded the new patch it got to about 68% before it said that there was a connection error so I called BOTH SONY and WB Games and SONY said that my connection was fine and that it was a problem with the patch. WB Games told me to try and...
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    More DLC Characters Coming!

    More Injustice DLC characters are coming according to a new tweet by Boon. Scroll to the bottom of the article of the link below to see the tweet. What do you guys think? I think...
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    Asthetical Patches Idea

    I don't know if that's the right name but what I would like to see are changes like this, let's say that Batman's belt was black instead of yellow well in a new patch the devs could change it to yellow. They would be physical changes to a character, whether its in the color moves, or appearance...
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    DLC Characters Were Made Before Injustice Launched

    A few of us have been saying that all the DLC characters in the Season Pass were made before Injustice launched on April 16th, well that is true and here's proof. In the link below it will take you to the "Injustice Actor Cast List. and in that thread there is a screenshot from the credits with...
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    No DLC For PS3?

    The "Blackest Night" and the second "Red Son" skin pack are not on the PSN Store and it already updated. Is this DLC exclusive to XBOX? or is it that it's just not coming for PS3?. I say this because the "Arkham City" skin pack that was released last week also did not come to PS3. I thought it...
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    Small Problem With New Patch

    Since I downloaded Scorpion (I have the Season Pass) I have noticed 1 small problem, now some of you may say that this problem does not matter and I respect your opinion but to me and maybe to others it's bothersome 1. When you press the Alternate Skins button the names of the skins have moved...
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    What Do YOU Want To Know?

    Guys I have made this thread so you can post the questions you want answered. Just post your questions and I will pick 1 or 2 a day and ask on the Injustice Facebook page. If I pick your question, you will see a thanks from me on your post and if they answer my question I will send you a private...