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    onaga and kahn

    well i was just thinkin while playin my deception, who is better Onaga, or Kahn?(not deception one, the mk2-mk3 one) well i dont know because they are the same yet sooooo very different.....
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    scorpion fakes

    well aside a bunch of my stinky pictures I hope this is the best I made,up to date, rate it, and don't pay any attention to the large black bar...the quality is kinda cheap and click to see better view<center> <a href=""...
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    Cyrax's new fatality!

    Here is a new fatality for Cyrax he summons kintechno(that was a stinky name :| ) click to enlarge<center> <a href="" target="_blank"> </a> </center>
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    send in fake pics using these links, they provide material, use microsoft power point to insert your saved pics and then arrange the pics to create a new one! then...