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  1. Aquaman

    Mortal Kombat vs. TMNT.

    Mortal Kombat vs. TMNT RED - Raphael vs. Ermac Blue - Leonardo vs. Sub-Zero Purple - Donatello vs. Rain Orange - Michelangelo vs. Scorpion Cyan - Venus vs. Frost Side-Characters April O'Neil vs. Sonya Blade Master Splinter vs. Bo Rai Chu Hamato Yoshi vs. The Great Kung Lao Casey Jones vs...
  2. Aquaman

    Your Favorite Quote in MK9

    Mines would be Johnny Cage's after he defeats Kano... "Throw that on your barbie,... Shrimp!" So corny I LOL'd... replayed the storyline and coming across that part really put a smile on my face it's just Klassic Johnny.
  3. Aquaman

    Black Dragons vs. Red Dragons...

    I know this is a reboot, but I was going over the story and the most interesting rivalry in the series to me is between the two crime syndicates. Black Dragons have Kano, Kabal, Jarek, Kira, and Kobra... while Red Dragons have Daegon, Mavado, and Hsu Hao. Kira makes an appearance in one of the...