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    So, who is the one that "Should have won" in Raiden's visions

    OK I am done with the story and I have almost loved every moment of it. I don't know why but the fights parts either weanted me to see the result of punish the opponent after the cutscene. It just holds you from going away. Anyway, who was the one that should have won in Raiden's Armageddon...
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    For those who read the story , please get in.(minor spoilers)

    So , I was just about to read everything before I held myself at the last minute. Checking MK0's members' opinions , wasn't the best plan I had ( they usually hate what I like ), but I wanted to hear your opinions. First of all , I want to say that I prefer MKDA-MKA's progress of story telling...
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    Should Shinnok be given a part in the story ?

    I really like Shinnok . Amongest all the MK's villians , I always thought that Shinnok is just the most underrated in the series .He is always one of those characters that have a chance to develope a very deep backstory that can be linked with the current timeline in the games .Since MK4 , I...