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    Online kombos lists with PS4 key mappings?

    Hi - I am trying to find a list of kombos using the Playstation button symbols. I know them really well yet when I have to translate from 1, 2, 3, 4 etc I have to work it all out every time. Sorry, sounds like a daft ask, but would appreciate a link if anyone knows one. I have searched and...
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    Late to the party and a bit out of depth

    Hi, fan of MK since the original arcade games. Really like the last release on PS3 But didn't get X until now for real life reasons. Anyway got it the other day and like it of course, but feel I am have been left behind a bit. I used to play reptile, Kabul, eMac and Johnny cage all pretty well...
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    I will need a good quality guide - recommends?

    Hi, I will be getting this on PS4. I got the last one on PS3 and loved it. However, I don't get much gaming time and like to play Destiny and recently got Bloodborne, so suddenly have a lot of games on the go (unusual for me). I will play this but will need a good guide. I am not a natural...
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    what character next?

    Looking to play with a new character, but don't get much time to play - I just play maybe an hour every 3 days, but always like to pick it up every now and then. I don't play online anymore. Had a 50/50 record on that using about 6 characters. I am mainly trying to beat EXPERT without losing a...
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    Tag Specials - how?

    I haven't really played tag but fancy playing some more... I can do the fast tags and the tag combos, but I have seen and randomly done a tag move where the current player is assisted by the 2nd character who then returns to being off screen. So this is not a tag combo as listed as they...
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    Should get a trophy for Khan Babality

    I like trophies and unlockables that make 1 player more challenging and the hidden fighters, but they should have more of them. Shoudl then get something for beating thjem - like that character to play. Doing the babality trick with khan should get you something - a costume or...
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    Unlock all Alternat Costumes.

    I thought I would unlock this when I completed the challenge tower, but nope. I have gone to training to play as Mileena in alt3.....what could I have missed? I have completed story mode, completed arcade with every player and completed challenge tower except the last two Test Your Mights...
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    Compelted all Challenges except....

    ....those stupid last two Test your Mights where the bar is at the top....I simply cannot hit buttons at that speed. A bit annoying to say the least - I will never be able to do them.
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    Are some characters easier to Learn on purpose

    I have noticed that some characters are far easier to get decent damage intermediate combos with than others. I am not saying they are better, or OP, but it is clear that some characters you can be doing 40% combos within 3 minutes practice arena and others take loads of practice, timing and...
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    New Character Cards are Great!!

    came in post today - way better than I expected!
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    Characters with no Teleport OR Stun

    Seems that characters that have neither a teleport or stun that you can unleash an unopposed combo on are less popular. Are they disadvantaged by having neither, have less ways to play and strategies??
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    Challenge Tower - beatring Schang Tsung+ Quan Chi

    OK, I am not gerat at Raiden, but I am finding this a hard one to complete. Can deal with Schang OK, but Chi stomps and floor sparks seem to get the better of me....any tips? Also find that even if I dispatch Schang when Chi gets low on health he goes bionic!!
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    Bonus content offered by some stores

    I know there are discussions on here about this, but I have seen different answers, so can someone clear this up for me please? The bonus content offered by some stores - is that available to everyone else via the Krypt? I have seen that it is, that it isn't and it will be DLC and therfore...
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    I am very excited about thi MK game. I have the demo on PS3 and think that is the format I will go for, mainly as the pad feels better than 360 for fighters. Anyway, I have been thinking about Fatalities. They were, at one point, the defining feature of MK. I am glad they are still there and...
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    Can't Get my Head round the Close Kombar and Freefall Kombat

    Sorry if this sounds a liitel obvious to all of you lot, but I just can't work out what I am supposed to do with the Freefall Kombat and the Close Kombat sections. The manual is little help either. Am I supposed to randomly press buttons when I am being pummelled mid air and hope to reverse...