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    Poem: Into the pit below

    this is a short poem called into the pit below Fighting on a dangerous surface Not knowing if you will survive You must beat your opponent to carry on Bleeding on the edge is a bad sign of death But when your opponent delivers the final blow As the wind flows through your hair for last...
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    FAKE : Impaled

    Liu kang and Cage were sword fighting, then Liu kang stabbed him into the wall while Cage is reaching for his sword thats on the ground. Rate plz
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    I Need Advice

    i need advice for the following : Problem A : In my school we have a music class where we play music on instruments and read music.So I do very well in all my classes except this one.I get confused with reading music with all the notes and stuff and in my other classes i get over 80's but in...
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    I Beat Konquest!

    I just beat Konquest like 20 minutes ago and one thing i don't get is, i beat the whole thing but i only have 49 items and i thought by the time i was done i would have 60. And another thing that i dont get is in the previews Taven had a golden armor and arrows and while i was beating the game...
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    please tell me how to do that!

    i think all u guys make great sprites and i would really like some tips.. like how to make them 3d graphic looking. I'd really appreciate ur help! thanks :D
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    MK:D Story Ending(My Version)

    I was thinking about this earlier. Okay heres how i think the ending for mk:d should've went : Okay so i never new what was behind that big gate blocking earthrealm village when shujinko is an old man. So shujinko looked behind a bush and found a key. Then he puts it into the the big door. He...
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    In MKA Konquest..

    In MKA Konquest who is the main character? And BTW i was gonna post this up in In MKA Konquest but unfortunetly it was locked :?
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    WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY FIRST FAKE?? BEFORE: RATE PLEASE after taking some suggestions from some of the posts i've edited my fake. here it is; now you can rate this one and tell me what you think of it. AFTER: NOW YOU CAN REALLY RATE IT !!! :D AFTER (EDITED.. AGAIN) : I...
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    Test Your Might Backgounds And Boards???

    Sorry to clog up the fourms but does anyone know where to get Test Your Might Backgounds And Boards??????????????? :?
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    what do you think ?

    what do you think of my sonic chameleon?
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    Fight For Sonya!!!!

    If johnny cage and Jax fought over Sonya who do you think would get her??????
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    Most Hated MK Game

    Which MK game do you hate the most????And why do you hate it???
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    In outworld when reptile goes into the portal i don't know what to do.Does he go into earthrealm????