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    Username Change..

    Well, since my other topic was locked, I'll go for a solo change. Someone else already made a topic requesting there name to be changed, so there's no reason that mine shouldn't be granted. Will one of the admins please change my username to King Khaos I already messaged Jeff about it...
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    TRMK.. I challenge you to..

    This is my little gift from TRMK, so they can get there brawler status up when they're cruising down the g-g-g-gangsta streets of LA. Your goal TRMK, is to make it to +24 street' credz.. And at the bottom I will show you some tips for surviving L.A.. Rep Points.. Staying Alive <a...
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    Something you didn't know about Gaytorade...
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    Wow.. How bad did 'Date Movie' suck?

    Alright, it's 11:04 AM , Saturday morning, and i'm bored out of my mind. I figured why not bag on this new flick called Date Movie, which was intended to be a comedy, but ended up to be a complete disaster. The movie is made up of these horrible puns that were supposed to be funny, but had...
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    Where Are You? (Part 2)

    I know Malitor already made a very similar thread to this, but this place has a automated map , so you can instantly add yourself! <a href=> Click Here! </a> I already added myself..;)
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    Render Request Thread

    This is a thread so that people don't have to make new threads everytime they get a request for a render. Post a request, or post the request in this thread. :)
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    New Sig - Vampire Intelligence

    It's been over 5 months since I've done a sig.. <img src=> There's also a 1px black border on it...
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    Alright, as if the name isn't sexy enough. Here's the time to discuss the best MP3 players around , Ipods! I personally thought they were a bit over rated until this year, when I noticed that teachers started to not give a hoot and start telling students to just listen to there ipods in class...
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    Musicians - What do you play, why, what, and when?

    Yep, topics pretty damn explanitory if you ask me. Let's see. I play guitar. Mainly because I love music, I was inspired by Slash and Eddie Van Halen to pick up a damn guitar. I currently have a Jackson - DKMGT Dinky. (Yes yes, she's a baby alright). <a...
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    Av For Sooges

    Didn't feel like re-making a one he could use (that I made a while back). So here's an oldie.
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    A Spoiler Mod? [Suggestion]

    (Saw this forum and it said "and suggestions", so I'm suggesting something.. Hopefully i'm not going to look like a idiot? :/) Just a little suggestion here, thought it would be a good feature so users aren't always wrecked when finding out a spoiler/cheat that they wanted to figure out...
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    Take me down.... Hmm... Let's discuss Axl Rose, Shall we?

    Alright. Let's face it, Guns 'N' Roses has ruled the world for over a decade. But can die hard fans face the truth that Axl couldn't hit a E note on the 2nd octive; anymore? It truely is a big shame that such a great powerfull singer has lost every ounce of his singing ability. You may not know...
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    Free Art Resources Thread

    Alright, well, a lot of people are always complaining on how paint is there only limit for fakes. This is not true, you can get tons of good art programs, that will do just as good of a job as photoshop would! Jasc, Paint Shop Pro. Trial Version, this is just a trial version of PSP, this is an...
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    I'm getting pretty pissed off at the fact that each time you bust through a window, door, or even floor, it's always the same cinema...The MK team should mix it up a bit and have a different type of fall, speed, and scream per part of arena you are at. Such as the Slaughter House, it gets lame...
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    Come on guys (2) 99% of the time I provide excellent discussion, I went ape shit a few months back, not in spite of being accused of a fake log (me saying "trmk is going down", which was a simple warning , which wasn't a threat by me). But was mainly directed to...
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    Fake Contest Winners!

    Congrats to all that played, and to the winners! Well, I ended this conest a bit early. Seeing how it did so miserable, and no one entered, people cheated, and people didn't even follow the guidlines. So I decided to tally the votes early, and put this contest to rest. On a brighter note...
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    Not my best :/ -Edit Just the bg...
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    New Sig

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    Some fakes/sigs while I was gone...

    Hmm....Yeah..I'm back..Don't flip out, just get over it and move on. I won't be so hard on you guys this time around ;). I focused more on the Kung Lao sprite in this one, Liu Kangs shirt was hard, I lost the PSP file so I couldn't go back and adjust the layers..But I guess the BG aw's more...
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    MK Shaolin Monks Wallpaper..

    Edit.. Not worth using Mkforces bandwidth's either.