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  1. Shin Li

    Stryker's Fatality.

    I know this has been posted already most likely, but here it is by it's self.
  2. Shin Li

    Stores that break Street Date in Florida???

    I've checked around with the Flea Market so far, but they seem clueless. Anyone know any other stores ?
  3. Shin Li

    Hector Sanchez Confirms DLC Article is WRONG

    Just posted on twitter:!/InsideMortalKombat
  4. Shin Li

    Mortal Kombat in Halo Reach!!!

    I just came across this on facebook and thought I would share this with everyone.
  5. Shin Li

    Interesting Video

    I came across this gameplay footage on youtube of course. I noticed that they quit out all the way to the main menu. The only problem is, that it seems kinda blurry. Anyone think they can figure out what the other Menu Options are? (Sorry if this has been posted before.) Here's a Second...
  6. Shin Li

    NO 360 Exclusive Character. IMPORTANT!!!

    I just found this on ( The Xbox 360 will NOT be receiving an Exclusive Character. What are your thoughts/opinions now that they aren't putting one in for the 360? Discuss.