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  1. buddthagreat

    Gears of War 3

    Looking for some players that i can go through arcade, horde, and do some team deathmatch with. If you're interested send me a mesage to "BUDD THA GREAT"
  2. buddthagreat

    Win 200 matches

    Do u have to win 200 matches online or can u do this in versus mode offline???
  3. buddthagreat

    Who did??? How did???

    I was just wondering who did you use to double flawless Shang Tsung and how did you go about doin it??? I haven't seemed to go untouched for two rounds then I get fed up and just get up So I'm just looking for some strategies I can try, so I and whoever needs help can get this achievement
  4. buddthagreat

    10 ranked matches in a row

    So I won 10 ranked matches in a row but my achievement wasn't there something else I need to do to get the achievement
  5. buddthagreat

    Secret achievement help???

    I only been able to get noobs secret achievement but I really need sum strategies for smoke, jade, and reptile
  6. buddthagreat

    Shang Tsung transform ability

    Back in the day Shang Tsung was my main do to the fact he could transform to anyone in the game and his soul steal fatality MK2...I loved turning into another person I could dominate with and mixed it up on my opponent but why is this ability not in MK9