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  1. NathanCorsini

    Injustice 2 Media and Discussion Thread!

    TYM still complain about giving royal storm Kitana a mask, but nothing. When she was released, everyone on twitter was telling Boon and co. she looked awful and nothing. They seem to don't know what to do. Wonder Woman looks terrible as well, but still better than Kitana's MKX face. I even...
  2. NathanCorsini

    Kitana Legacy skin mod on MKX! Watch it

  3. NathanCorsini

    Christopher Lambert to return to the new Mortal Kombat movie as Raiden!

    In a loaded exclusive, Lambert revealed that he has been in talks about reprising the role of Raiden for a Mortal Kombat film that could redefine the computer game movie sub-genre as we know it. “They have a great idea for the third one,” he said. “It will be very different.” Though details...
  4. NathanCorsini

    Resident Evil 7 announced!

    OMG. Who cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurs about Injustice 2 or Tekken 7. Jk, lol!
  5. NathanCorsini

    Females in Injustice and NRS pattern in games...

    I just saw a thread that got closed on TestYourMight discussing it and had the idea to bring it here. We know it's always low numbers, and it wasn't different with MKX. Discuss! By the way, just did this MORTAL KOMBAT 1 Sonya 1 of 7 characters (~14%) MORTAL KOMBAT 2 1 Kitana 2 Mileena 2 of...
  6. NathanCorsini

    X-Men Apocalypse

    Have anyone watched it? I watched it today and was so excited to see it... And i must say i'm a bit disappointed with the movie.
  7. NathanCorsini

    Boon asks what we want next: KP3, MK11 or Shaolin Monks Sequel

    I've picked MK11 without a trace of doubt. Vote on twitter!
  8. NathanCorsini

    MK Mezco action figures are done. Kinda old tweet, but didn't know about that. I was hoping to have Mileena next to my Kitana, but oh well... They should do the last pack at least, including Mileena, Kung Lao...
  9. NathanCorsini

    Kitana's steel fans build!

    Calling all our princess fans to drool on this. Tarkatan Trash Elias6999 Goddess the pathfinder theincubuslord
  10. NathanCorsini

    Storm Collectibles new action figures soon.

    Goro from MK1, Sub-Zero and Scorpion from MK2. They're all so amazing and very well detailed.
  11. NathanCorsini

    Place your bets on the next DLC character(s)

    This is what i want (and it's viable...)
  12. NathanCorsini

    PS4 Character Usage Updates

    Got bored and started noting all the stats from all characters and here it is. I'm on PS4, by the way. TOTAL WINS AND PERCENTAGE PER CHARACTER END OF JUNE 1 Scorpion - 124 562 285 2 Sub-Zero - 88 481 376 3 Liu Kang - 51 933 907 4 Cassie Cage - 47 843 603 5 Takeda - 47 272 319 6 Raiden -...
  13. NathanCorsini

    About Jade's future

    Suck on it, Jade hataaaaaaaaaaahhhrs!
  14. NathanCorsini

    MKX Stats?

    Is there an online page like there was for MK9 to see the most used characters by plataform?
  15. NathanCorsini

    [SPOILER] The way that Mileena...

    ...died was SO disgusting. I felt bad watching that. She could have at least gave D'Vorah a bite and leave a scar before dying. Hope she come back in the future and have a very brutal revenge.
  16. NathanCorsini

    Anyone is buying the MKX Mezco Action Figures?

    I'm really wanting to get them, especially Kitana and Kotal Kahn. They look very good and at a reasonable price. They're all for preordering right now. Raiden Sub-Zero Scorpion Kitana Kotal Kahn Quan Chi
  17. NathanCorsini

    Official Friday March 27th Kombat Kast Diskussion Thread

    Raiden exclusive costume, if anyone here missed it!
  18. NathanCorsini

    Kitana Revealed!

    LMAO Yellow Ledbetter! I think that costume have just leaked! With fans, winning position and all!