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  1. RKW

    Who's who?

    Just a little thread to see who everyone on the boards has been maining with, I know alot of people will have zigzagged between characters by now, but just put whoever you are currently using? For example I've been using Shang Tsung for the past few days, and while he's not as straightforward...
  2. RKW


    I've been playing MK on and off over the past week or so, got about 5 hours online all in all. And those 5 hours have netted me a ridiculous amount of hatemail and ragequits, usually to the tune of "You spam you suck!". Now don't misunderstand, I'm winning, pretty much everytime, so much so...
  3. RKW


    Here's a vid by WorstGiefEver with some suggested improvements to the game. Thoughts? Anybody have anything else they'd like to add to the list. I hope NRS give some word on patches etc soon.
  4. RKW

    Outworld V Earthrealm

    Just a thread to see who everyone has taken a liking to and where they are at progress wise with their chosen character. I got the game yesterday and only finished Story today but now it's done I've started with Liu Kang. Since the game is still new and combo video's are sparse, this may be of...