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  1. TerryMasters

    My Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Checklist

    I'm making a list of all the things I absolutely have to do once the Kollection comes out. 1. Double damage projectiles in MK1 followed by jumping and kicking after the round is declared a draw. 2. Raiden's late uppercut explosion fatality in MKII. 3. Scorpion's minions fatality against...
  2. TerryMasters

    Challenge 300 is Still Broken

    I thought I'd post this since I'm probably one of the few people actually trying to beat challenge 300 again so late in the game. When MK9 first came out, I broke my ass beating challenge 300 just like everyone else. It was bugged, and a pain to complete without a problem. As of today I've...
  3. TerryMasters

    How many people here DON'T have lag issues?

    Everytime I read one of the lag threads, everyone seems to be complaining about it. But in my experience, it hardly ever happens. Am I the only one, or are there other people out there enjoying this game online since the patch came out?
  4. TerryMasters

    Street Fighter Team Confirms Mortal Kombat Rivalry Is Back

    I hoped from the day this game got announced that it would be so good it'd bring the rebirth of the fighting game wars we had in the 90's, and according to one of Capcom's developers, it's officially exactly that. During an E3 interview with Geoff Keighley, the man showing off the latest build...
  5. TerryMasters

    All My MK9 Save Data Erased

    So I fired up my Xbox like I do every night, solely to play MK. I decided when it first came out that I'd actually make an effort to grab the achievements. Well about a half hour ago I noticed Quan Chi and Cyber Sub missing from my select screen in training mode. Sure enough I go into the...
  6. TerryMasters

    Potentially Serious Online Gameplay Issue

    Over the past few days I've been experimenting with MK9 in an attempt to discover new glitches. I seem to have come across a bug where the same moves will deal different amounts of damage in the same exact situations: So you have two situations where the only move that landed was a throw...
  7. TerryMasters

    Weird Achievement Point Rewards

    I know this isn't a super big problem (as I rarely play games for the achievements), but owning a copy of MK for each platform I thought it would be cool to go for em. There's something about them that bugs me... If you look at the list, you get 20 points for completing the Fatality Tutorial - I...
  8. TerryMasters

    Challenge #300 Broken, Other Tower Bugs

    This is my first time doing the Challenge Tower, and I noticed some bugs along the way. I'd already posted a few of them in an existing thread but didn't realize it was located in the spoilers forum, so I thought it might be a good idea to have one general discussion about tower bugs without...
  9. TerryMasters

    Will NTSC MK9's work w/PAL PS3s and TVs?

    I'm giving a copy of MK9 to a friend and as it turns out, he has a PAL PS3 and PAL TV but the game is NTSC. Now I hear PS3 games are region free which means the game should work on the console itself, but the TV worries me. I know this is a long shot, but can anyone here with a PAL HDTV confirm...
  10. TerryMasters

    The Official Fight Stick Modding Discussion

    I thought it would be good to have one thread dedicated to modding the TE stick, since I didn't see one after a quick search. I've been attempting to mod mine since the day I got it, but I can't believe how hard it is to modify something that should've been so simple, taken two seconds to do and...
  11. TerryMasters

    Quick Question: Was anyone's console game sealed with the TE stick?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask this really quick because I'm kind of surprised this has happened twice... but my second Tournament Edition came today and the game itself on the inside wasn't sealed in either one of them - you know how games are usually sealed in that shrink wrap-like way...
  12. TerryMasters

    Mortal Kombat II Revision 1.1 Released

    (I'm posting this a bunch of places for reasons mentioned below, forgive the copypasta) The other day a friend, xDisciplex, pointed out an auction that listed a bunch of MKII arcade eproms. One of the sets in the auction was said to be version 1.1. Sure enough, after getting them and dumping...
  13. TerryMasters

    Attention MK2 Revision 3.1 Board Owners

    Just some copypasta- Hey everyone. Recently, I started making guides on YouTube in order to help people beat certain games. This morning I decided to do MK2. Everything was going fine, until I got to Kintaro. To my surprise I found out that the usual trick to beat him doesn't seem to work on the...
  14. TerryMasters

    Can someone explain "Noob Saibot" mode in MK4 Revision 3?

    Hi everyone! I just received an MK4 board the other day, and as such I now own every MK arcade game. My collection is complete! I have a quick question. I accidentally stumbled across the "Noob Saibot" code during the vs screen - 012-012 IIRC. But it has me confused, as it doesn't seem to have...