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  1. mkchampion

    Ok, MK's new Soundtrack is too too dope!!

    I know that it wasn't composed by Dan Forden as I originally expected and assumed but now seeing that it isn't I can sort of understand how the music's style has drastically changed since Armageddon and I would love for them to release a soundtrack like they did in the 90's for the games. Not...
  2. mkchampion

    I'm sorry but I think Raiden messed this timeline up a bit.... *_*

    I love Raiden to death and all but I honestly think he's made some mistakes in damn near killing liu kang and not just that (I can't stand Liu Kang anyways) but many of the Earthrealm warriors are now slain and there may not be a way to bring them back this time. I knwo MK's characters never...
  3. mkchampion

    MK Storyline connection!

    I've always enjoyed playing this game where you connect the storylines of your favorite Mk characters I'll pick a character and tell alittle bit about this person and someone will either ellaborate or add another character to the story whose history connects with the character I chose.Try &...
  4. mkchampion

    What about the Gods? Where are they?

    Does anyone else care about the elder gods? I mean they do play an intergral part in the development of the MK series. it's just that being that they are gods so to speak they seem to be relatively weak and seem to depend too much on mere mortals to determine the fate of the realms. Look in MKA...
  5. mkchampion

    What do we want?

    What do we want in the MK games? is it just to have a fully understandable storyline, or some of the best graphics a game can offer. So many people have different views and opinions as to what they want to see in a game, some of which ideas can possibly develop and improve the games success and...